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Switch to Bank of America

Make the switch to Bank of America and get convenient access to thousands of Bank of America ATMs and financial centers and 24/7 Online Banking.

Switch to Bank of America in 4 easy steps.

Direct deposit

It's the fast, worry-free way to deposit your paycheck, pension, Social Security or other recurring deposits. Direct deposit will make your recurring deposits electronically to your checking or savings account—automatically.

Qualifying deposits include salary, pension, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and other regular monthly income.

Set up direct deposit.

Online Banking

Enroll in our Online Banking and get easy and secure access to your accounts—anytime, anywhere. Check account balances and transactions, transfer funds between accounts, and set up Online Banking Alerts to notify you about important activity in your accounts. You can also use Bill Pay to pay your bills in minutes from one simple site. Online Banking gives you control of your finances. It's secure and easy.

Learn more about Online Banking.

Debit card services

Report a lost or stolen debit card

Contact us immediately if your card is lost or stolen or if you notice fraudulent debit card transactions.

This is the best way to minimize your potential losses. You may not be responsible for fraudulent card transactions that are reported promptly.

Request a debit card

Once you open a new Bank of America checking account, or if you already have an existing Bank of America debit card, you can request a debit card in one of the following ways:

You will receive your new debit card in 4 - 6 business days.

Activate your debit card

There are 3 ways to activate your new debit card:

  • Call us at 888.624.2323 (outside the U.S. call collect: 925.675.6195)
  • Use it with your current PIN to make a purchase or at any Bank of America ATM
  • Log in to activate your debit card

Set purchase and withdrawal limits

If you'd like to specify your own limits on debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals, you can easily set the dollar amounts on your card in one of the following ways:

Lock or Unlock your card

If you have misplaced your ATM/debit card and need time to find it, you can temporarily lock your card right from your Mobile Banking app or through Online Banking to help prevent unauthorized purchases and withdrawals. Then, when you find it, you can unlock your card just as easily.

Change your personal identification number (PIN)

If you know your PIN: Visit a Bank of America ATM and select More Options then Change PIN. You can also change your PIN at a financial center.

If you do not know your PIN: Please visit a financial center or contact us.

Other ways to bank

ATMs and financial centers

Access your account at thousands of Bank of America ATMs and financial centers. Make withdrawals, deposits, transfers and get balance inquiries at ATMs or financial centers displaying the Bank of America name and logo.

Withdrawals, deposits, transfers, payments and balance inquiries from ATMs at other financial institutions in the United States may be assessed a fee. You may also be charged a fee by the ATM operator or any network used. You may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a funds transfer. Other account fees may apply to the transaction such as an Excess Withdrawal fee for savings.

You can also visit thousands of Bank of America ATMs and financial centers.
Find the nearest ATM and financial center

Bank by phone

You can access your accounts using our automated Banking by Phone service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Check your balance, transfer money between accounts, verify recent deposits and withdrawals and find out what checks have recently posted.

To bank by phone, call 800.432.1000.

Bank by mail

Use these addresses for mailing us deposits. Other correspondence should be mailed to the Customer Service and Support address located on your bank statement.

To make a deposit by mail, send your check(s) to:

Deposits by Mail Only AddressOvernight or FedEx Only Address
PO Box 105576
Atlanta, GA 30348-5576
6000 Feldwood Road
College Park, GA 30349-3652

Please do not mail cash.

Automatic transfers

Scheduled savings transfers

Saving money for the things you want doesn't get much easier. With a scheduled savings transfer, money is transferred automatically from your checking account to your savings account. How much you transfer is up to you.

One of the big advantages is the interest your money earns in a savings account that it may not earn in a checking account. Whether you need money for a vacation, new car, down payment on a house or anything else, the scheduled transfer helps take the work out of saving.

To set up your automatic transfers, simply log in to Online Banking and select the Transfers tab. Or, you can visit your nearest financial center, where an associate will be happy to assist you.

New to Online Banking? Enroll now

Find the nearest financial center

International account services

Order foreign currency

Avoid frantic currency exchanges at airports and foreign banks by ordering and receiving the currency you need before your next vacation or business trip. Bank of America offers convenient, secure options for ordering and delivering foreign currency.

Learn more about foreign currency

More account services

Reorder checks

Save time and reorder your checks online. The fastest way to reorder checks is by signing in to Online Banking and selecting the Information & Services tab for your account. If you aren't already an Online Banking customer, enroll now

You can also reorder checks by visiting any financial center

Stop payments

You can request a stop payment on a check by signing in to Online Banking and selecting the Information & Services tab for your account.

Change of address

To change your address, please call the customer service number on your checks or statement. Or, for an even quicker way, you can log in to Online Banking and click on Profile & Settings

View and print statements

You can view and print your paper statements by signing in to Online Banking and selecting the Statements & Documents tab for your account.

Link accounts

If you have more than one Bank of America account, linking them could help you avoid the monthly maintenance fee on your primary checking account.

First, link your primary checking account to one or more of your other accounts, if eligible. The combined balances on those accounts could help you meet the balance requirement for avoiding the monthly maintenance fee on your primary checking account.

You can link your checking, savings, IRA, CD or mortgage accounts.

In addition, you can get a combined statement for certain of your linked accounts that makes reviewing your finances easier.

Contact us about linking accounts

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