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Applying for Bank Accounts FAQs

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How can I open an account?

You can apply online for a checking account, savings account, CD or IRA. Simply select an account, enter your personal information, verify your information and choose features & funding options. You will receive an email once your application is received and a follow-up email telling you whether it has been approved, plus any next steps.

What do I need to apply?

For a faster application process, please have the following information on hand when you begin your application:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your current residential address
  • Your email address
  • Your account number or debit card number to make your opening deposit into your new Bank of America account
  • Co-applicant's personal information (if applicable)

If you're missing one of these pieces of information, you can also schedule an appointment with an associate at your local financial center for a day and time that works best for you.

What information do I need to open a joint account?

You'll need the same information that's needed when opening an individual account, but you'll need it for both applicants. For details, please see the preceding question and answer. Please note that each co-applicant has to sign the signature form.

How do I make an initial deposit for an account that I just opened?

To make your initial deposit, you can transfer money from your account at another bank. If you are already a Bank of America customer, you can transfer money from your existing account. You can also use a debit card, check or money order for your initial deposit.

The transfer will not take place until your account is approved. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds available to be transferred.

How much can I deposit into my new account?

When applying for a new checking or savings account, you can deposit any amount ranging from the minimum opening deposit amount to a higher amount.

Is my online application secure?

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your online information is passed to us securely. This technology allows users to establish sessions with internet sites that are secure, meaning they have minimal risk of external violation. Once inside the Online Banking site, you are secure through our use of SSL technology.

How long will it take to open an account when I apply?

Your application will be processed in 1 to 2 business days. We'll send you either an email or letter letting you know if you are approved for your account. You will receive your account documents via U.S. Mail within 7-10 business days.

Processing times may be slower due to high volume of applications

What's an offer code?

An offer code is a series of numbers and letters that you may have received from Bank of America in conjunction with a promotion or offer. Your offer code is indicated on the communication material you may have received from us. Examples of communications are a brochure that you received in the mail or from a web page ad. You can provide this offer code with your application.

What does "online access to my account" mean?

"Online access to my account" means that you can view your account through Online or Mobile Banking. Check account balances and transactions, transfer funds between accounts, and set up Alerts to remind yourself about important activity in your accounts. You can also use Bill Pay to pay all your bills in minutes from one simple site.

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How do I get my account opening documents?

As part of your online application, you will be asked to give consent to receive certain account opening documents and notices from us electronically. Other account opening documents will be sent through U.S. Mail within 7-10 days of account opening. If you do not wish to consent to receiving documents electronically, you may visit any Bank of America banking center to apply in person.

What's a signature form? Why do I need to send it back to you?

A signature form allows Bank of America to service your account. It is important to sign and mail your signature form to us as soon as possible (and have any co-applicants sign the signature form too) so that we can service your account, which includes verifying your identity and reporting tax information.

Can I save my application and complete it later?

Yes, if you need more time, you can save what you've already entered for up to 30 days and complete the application later.

To save your application, you'll need to provide some personal information such as your date of birth and Social Security number so we can identify you when you return.

When you're ready to complete your application, either follow the link in the confirmation email or access your saved application now.

Can I open a U.S. bank account if I'm a nonpermanent resident?

Yes. U.S. visa holders currently living in the U.S. may open an account in person at one of our financial centers. You must be able to provide both your permanent (foreign) and local address, as well as your ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number).

What to bring to your appointment:
1. Proof of U.S. residency
For example: U.S. government-issued photo ID, student/employer photo ID, current utility bill or rental agreement (documents must show your name and U.S. physical address).

2. One primary photo ID
For example: Foreign passport (with or without passport visa), U.S. Non-Immigrant visa and Border Crossing Card-DSP-150, Canadian Citizenship card (with photo), Mexican, Guatemalan, Dominican or Colombian Consular ID (with photo).

3. One secondary ID
For example: Foreign or U.S. driver's license (with photo), student/employer ID (with photo), major debit or credit card with Visa® or Mastercard® logo, major retail credit card from a nationally well-known company, U.S. Department of State Diplomat ID.

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