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Recognizing Fraud FAQs

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Email fraud, often called phishing, typically involves the use of deceptive emails that ask you to provide sensitive personal, financial or account information. The emails may strongly indicate they come from an organization you do business with, but often contain spelling or grammatical errors and a sense of urgency about returning your information quickly to avoid a penalty or win a prize.

A fraudulent email may ask you to supply information in a return email, in a separate form attached to the email or by visiting a fraudulent website using a link contained in the email message. The people attempting to get this information may use it to access your accounts directly in order to withdraw money or to open new accounts in your name using your information.

Bank of America will never ask you to provide your Social Security number, ATM or debit card PIN or any other sensitive information in response to an email. If you receive an email from Bank of America and you're not sure if it's real, don't click on any links in the email. Learn more about email fraud