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Privacy & Security

Online Banking Security from Bank of America

The SafePass® feature means extra security

  • Bank of America’s SafePass feature provides strong protection against fraud and identity theft when you use Online Banking. It lets you authorize transactions with a single-use, 6-digit Passcode.
  • Learn more about SafePass

Report suspicious activity

  • In your email:
    To report a suspicious email that uses Bank of America's name, forward it to us immediately at mailto:
  • On your statement:
    To report fraudulent activity on your Bank of America account, call 800.432.1000.
  • In texts:
    Smishing” or SMS phishing uses text messages to access information. Report attempts at mailto:
  • By phone:
    Vishing” uses the features of Voice over IP (VoIP) phones to steal personal and financial information. Report it at mailto: