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Merchant Compromise: What you need to know (and do)

A merchant compromise is an organized theft of ATM, debit card or credit card information

When a merchant compromise happens, Bank of America receives information from multiple outside sources such as Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® or law enforcement agencies. Due to the sensitivity of information, we are unable to provide the name of the merchant or where the compromise has occurred.

How we protect you
  • Our award-winning cybersecurity team delivers comprehensive security 24/7.
  • We continuously monitor your transactions for suspicious activity.
  • We alert you to potential fraud through the mobile app, text alerts, email or phone.
  • We embrace responsible information collection, processing and privacy policies.
  • We develop resources (like our fraud checklist), that empowers you to help protect yourself against fraud and scams.
What you need to know
  • If there’s a merchant compromise potentially impacting your account, we may issue a new card to you if your account information has been compromised.
  • Activate your new card by following the instructions on the card’s sticker.
  • Destroy your old card (you can keep your current PIN when you use your new card).
  • Be sure to update any card information associated with recurring payments, stores or services and in your digital wallet.
  • Suspect a charge on your account is fraud? Tap the Erica icon on the mobile app and type or say, "dispute transaction."