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Understand Merchant Compromise

A merchant compromise is an organized theft of ATM, debit card or credit card information.

When Bank of America is notified, our job is to protect you

Bank of America receives information from multiple outside sources such as Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® or law enforcement agencies. Due to the sensitivity of the information involved, detail specific to the breach is not disclosed to the bank, so we are unable to provide the name of the merchant or where the compromise has occurred.

What to expect when a merchant compromise occurs

We understand that learning your account information may have been compromised can be an alarming experience. Important things to note if your card account data has been compromised:

  • We may close your card and reissue a new one in order to help protect your account
  • It does not mean that fraud has occurred or will occur on your account
  • It does not mean that you have become or will become a victim of identity theft

Depending upon the type of card you have, the merchant compromise notification process will vary:

Actions to take with your credit, debit & ATM cards:

  • Activate your new card by following the instructions on the card’s sticker
  • Destroy your old card and start using your new card associated with the current PIN
  • Update your credit card information associated with any recurring payments, stores or services and in your digital wallet
  • Destroy any unused access checks associated with your old account

Contact us immediately if you notice any fraudulent charges:

  • 800.793.5755 (credit cards)
  • 800.841.1980 (small business credit cards)
  • 866.700.3016 (ATM & debit cards)

Impacts to your Online Banking experience:

  • Your new credit card account information may be unavailable for up to 1 business day
  • Once the transition from the old account number to the new account number is completed, all functionalities will be available on your new card
  • The last 4 digits of your account will change to the last 4 digits of the new account
  • The online version of your statement will show the new account number