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IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport™

What is Trusteer Rapport?

We have teamed up with IBM to offer Trusteer Rapport—online fraud protection software available for Bank of America customers. Trusteer Rapport delivers extra security while you're logged in to our site.

  • No charge, no registration and no commitment
  • Downloads in just minutes
  • Future updates are free

Extra security—plus extra malware protection

  • Works alongside your existing anti-virus software so your system is able to stop a greater number of threats
  • Helps prevent financial malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your User ID, Password and other sensitive information and keeps financial malware from tampering with your transaction while using our site
  • Blocks malicious financial malware that your anti-virus software may not detect, remove or defend against
  • Warns you if you accidently visit a fake website that looks like Bank of America

Ready for increased fraud protection? Download Rapport now layeradatext

How you know it's working

  • Once installed, a green Trusteer Rapport icon and checkmark will be displayed near (or in) the browser's address bar when you are viewing a website that is protected by Trusteer Rapport
  • If the site is unprotected, a grey icon will display instead

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport is offered by IBM. IBM is responsible for the accessibility of its products. To contact IBM with accessibility questions about their product please visit Trusteer Rapport support layer.