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Bank Account & Card Security from Bank of America

Secure transactions while you travel

Verify Your Visa Card is With You

When you make a purchase, we use your phone’s location services capability to compare where the purchase is made to where your phone is located. The feature works with both cellular and Wi-Fi, meaning that if you’re overseas and prefer to avoid using cell service, Verify Your Visa Card is With You will still work when you’re on Wi-Fi.

Here's how to enroll in Verify Your Visa Card is With You:

  1. Sign in to the Bank of America mobile app.
  2. Select Menu from the Accounts screen. (You may need to scroll to the right to locate the Menu button.) 
  3. Select Profile and settings.
  4. Select Visa Card & Device Location.
  5. Make sure your location services is set to always for the Bank of America mobile. This option can usually be located in your phone’s settings.

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