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FAQs: Ways to Contact Bank of America

  • Show How can I contact Bank of America through email?

    Sign in to Online Banking and select the Contact us link in the Help & Support menu, then choose the topic you would like to discuss. The best ways to contact us will be displayed depending on the topic chosen.

    If email agents are available for the topic you selected, you’ll see Email us as the last contact option listed on the page. Within 2-4 business days after sending us a message, you’ll receive an alert to inform you that our response is available in your Online Banking Message Center.

    Since email is not available for most topics, we suggest that you contact us by phone, by making an appointment, by visiting us at a financial center or by reaching out on our Facebook page (select the Get Help link) or on Twitter @BofA_Help. You can also write to us at:
    Bank of America
    PO Box 25118
    Tampa, FL 33622-5118

  • Show How can I contact Bank of America via phone or mail?

    Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to answer your questions. Representatives specialize in different topics, so please review our list of contacts and decide which topic you’d like to discuss. Or, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers you’re looking for online.

    If you’d like to mail correspondence, please send it to:

    Bank of America
    Attn: FL1-300-01-29
    PO Box 25118
    Tampa, FL 33633-0900

  • Show How can I find a Bank of America banking center?

    There are thousands of Bank of America banking centers. To find locations, please use our ATM and banking center locator.

  • Show What is Twitter?

    Twitter is a social media/networking site not affiliated with Bank of America. Users send short, 140-character messages called "tweets" to other users, called "followers". Today, it's grown to become a world-wide means of instant communication to anyone and everyone. Businesses utilize Twitter as a direct form of contact with their customers, allowing the businesses to address customer concerns in an open forum and stay in touch in real time.

    Twitter users are known by their "@username" identity. Ours is @BofA_Help. If you have a Twitter account, you can easily send us tweets or follow us. Visit our Twitter home page at to see how we're staying in touch with our customers, or become a follower so you can receive updated tweets as well. If you don't have a Twitter account and would like to sign up, visit to learn more.

  • Show How do I contact Bank of America through Twitter?

    You must have a Twitter account first, and then it's easy to reach us via Twitter. Just remember - all "tweets" are visible to everyone who visits a Twitter page, so it's important that you never disclose any account or financial information within your tweets.

    To tweet Bank of America, sign in to Twitter and, in the "What are you doing?" text field at the top of the page, enter @BofA_Help followed by your message. Once your tweet is received, you will be asked to send a Direct message (DM) with your contact information and the best time to reach you. A direct message is a personal Tweet seen only by the sender and the recipient. To read yours, click on Direct messages from the gear icon drop down menu in your navigation bar. To send one, just specify the username of the account you want to communicate with (they must be following you).

    You can also see what we're saying in general by "following" us on Twitter (after you're signed in, select Follow under the picture on our home page). If you follow us, every time we post an update (public message), it will appear on your Twitter home page too. Please visit our profile to view all of our tweets:

    We encourage you to contact us with questions or concerns, but it's important that you never disclose any account or financial information on Twitter. We will never ask for (or disclose) your Social Security number, account information, passwords, or PINs via Twitter. Also, Bank of America does not endorse or encourage clicking on links posted by other Twitter users, because these links may pose risks to your computer or take you to inappropriate sites.

  • Show How do I sign up for a Twitter account?

    Visit to learn more about signing up for an account.

  • Show Why is Bank of America on Twitter?

    In January 2009, Bank of America joined Twitter so we could communicate instantly and directly with our customers to resolve problems, address concerns, and share information. The typical Twitter starter question is, "What are you doing?" However, we seek out users who express they have a problem and ask, "Is there anything I can do to help?" We're here to help, listen and learn from our customers — to continuously make banking easier, faster and more convenient.

    In addition to our customer service @BofA_Help identity, Bank of America created a second Twitter persona, @BofA_Careers, in 2010. Through @BofA_Careers, interested individuals can receive information about newly posted job openings with Bank of America.

  • Show How do I know if I'm actually communicating with a Bank of America representative?

    Twitter users are known by their "@username" identity. Ours is @BofA_Help. The official Bank of America Twitter profile is If you send a tweet to @BofA_Help (or receive one) you'll be communicating with one of our employees who will gladly assist you with your problem or concern. We stay in tune on Twitter as well, and if we see tweets regarding questions or concerns about Bank of America products or services, we'll reach out to see how we can help.

    We encourage communication, but never disclose financial information via Twitter. We will never ask for (or disclose) your Social Security number, account information, passwords, or PINs. Also, Bank of America does not endorse or encourage clicking on links posted by other users, because these links may pose risks to your computer or take you to inappropriate sites. The bank also uses @BofA_Community on Twitter to share about the bank's community support efforts, and @BofA_News to share the latest news and information about the bank.

    Important Notices

    Never disclose any financial information on Twitter. Bank of America will never ask for your Social Security number, account information, passwords or PINs via Twitter. We are not responsible for the privacy and security policies or practices of Twitter, and you should review Twitter's policies.

    We do not endorse or encourage clicking on links posted by other Twitter users, as these links may pose risks to your computer or take you to inappropriate sites. Also, we do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas. However, if you send us ideas, what you send will be governed by our Idea Submission Policy and Terms.

  • Show How do I start a chat session?

    Depending on what products and services you are looking for, online chat may be available. You will see a link or be invited to chat when agents are available.

    The chat link can generally be found on the right-hand side of the page and looks like this:

    Talk to a specialist

  • Show How do I know that I am really chatting with Bank of America?

    You can ensure that you are chatting securely with a Bank of America representative in a variety of ways:

    • You should see a lock Lock in the chat window that indicates a secure connection.
    • Be sure the chat window's internet address is either or
    • Be sure that the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is registered to Bank of America or Live Person. To check the certificate, place your mouse over the chat area, right click the mouse, and select Properties. You will see the certificate name listed.
    • Our representatives will always identify themselves to you, stating their name and their area of specialty such as enrollment, service or sales.
  • Show What products can I chat about without signing in to Online Banking?

    You can chat with Bank of America about your interest in opening one of the following new accounts:

    • Checking and savings
    • Credit Card
    • Small Business
    • Auto loans

    To check agent availability by product or service, Sign in to Online Banking, hover over "Help & Support" tab, select contact us and choose a topic and then click "Go".

  • Show Why am I invited to chat sometimes when I am on the site and not others?

    We will only invite customers to chat when we have agents available; this way you don’t have to spend time waiting for assistance.

  • Show How can I increase and decrease the font size?

    To change the chat's font size, locate the text chat area and press CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN to increase the size, and CTRL+SHIFT+MINUS SIGN to decrease the size.

  • Show How do I prevent a chat invitation from appearing?

    You cannot prevent a chat invitation from appearing, but you do not have to chat. The chat invitation is sent when we think we can be of assistance, but if you'd rather not chat, just click the No Thanks button on the invitation, and the invitation will close. However, if you change your mind, you can start chat later using the chat buttons located on the screen.

  • Show Can I have my chat printed or emailed to me?

    To print your chat session, locate the text chat area. Then press CTRL+P and follow your operating system's printing instructions. This can also be done using your mouse commands.

    We do not offer emailed chat transcripts to respect the privacy and security of the personally-identifiable information that may be disclosed during a chat. However, the chat area does have instructions for printing and saving chats.