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Savings Accounts FAQs

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Is there a minimum opening balance for a savings account?

Yes, there is a minimum balance required to open a savings account. Visit our savings account for details.

Where can I find the interest rates for a savings account?

You can view all savings interest rates online. Visit our Bank of America Advantage Savings product page for the current rates.

How do I apply for a savings account?

Applying for a savings account is easy. Visit our Bank of America Advantage Savings page for more details.

You can also schedule an appointment with an associate at your local financial center for a day and time that work best for you. We can assist you with finding the best savings account option to meet your needs.

When do I start earning interest on my savings account?

Interest begins to accrue on the day the account is processed, not the day the application is submitted. The application will be processed at the interest rate that was effective on the day that the application was submitted.

How is interest paid on my savings account?

We compound and credit interest to your account monthly.

What is the difference between a savings account and Keep the Change®?

Keep the Change is a Bank of America savings program that works in conjunction with your savings account. When you enroll in this program and make qualifying purchases with your Bank of America debit card, we’ll (1) round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount and (2) transfer the difference from your checking account to your savings account.

With a Bank of America Advantage Savings account the more you save the more you could earn

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