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Collecting Information FAQs

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What information is covered by your privacy notices and why do you collect information about me?

Our privacy notices apply to personally identifiable information about a client or a client's current or former relationship with Bank of America that is not publicly available. We collect and use various types of personal information for our everyday business purposes, for example: to process transactions, service and maintain accounts, comply with laws and regulations and better respond to your needs.

Personal information does not include aggregated or de-identified data that we may create or compile from various sources, including accounts and transactions. This information, which does not identify individual clients, is used for business purposes which may include offering products or services, research, marketing, analyzing market trends and other purposes consistent with applicable laws.

What types of information do you collect?
Do you ever collect medical information about me?
How do you keep the information you have on file about me accurate?
Your notice says Federal law gives consumers the right to limit some, but not all, sharing. What are other ways you share under the law?