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National Builder Division

Our National Builder Division team is here for you

Our National Builder Division is a dedicated leadership team with a network of specialists focused on working side by side with our mortgage lending officers to help your buyers get into the perfect mortgage for them. Along with the tools, resources and support discussed on this page, our team is ready to help your business expand - with Builder Rate Lock Advantage™ your buyers can secure competitive rates with 120 to 360 day lock terms. adatext

Builder Rate Lock Advantage™

Interest rates can be locked in early - for up to 12 months adatext . Not only does this protect against rising interest rates, there's even a one-time option to re-lock to a lower interest rate or discount points, or both. adatext

A network of mortgage specialists

We'll work closely with your homebuyers from application to closing — and keep you informed every step of the way.

A PRO team

Our Project Review Office (PRO) helps make condo approvals easier.

Access to Appraisal Professionals

We work with high-quality professional appraisers who are experienced in new construction appraisals.

Bank of America Real Estate Center®

The Bank of America Real Estate Center® provides buyers with easy access to your available homes from a computer or mobile device.

Access to Data

The National Builder Division works with several data providers to bring you up-to-date local market trends and insights.

Bank of America does not offer construction financing for homeowners, but we do offer very competitive terms for permanent financing on new construction homes (after the home has been completed). Our ability to lock in a buyer’s permanent interest rate for up to 360 days in advance of completion of the home, gives them the ability to run their construction financing and permanent loan applications concurrently, taking the guess work out of what the future interest rate environment may offer. Buyers can secure their permanent interest rate now through our Builder Rate Lock Advantage program.

Your homebuyers can take advantage of:
Highly competitive rates.
Down payment as low as 3% adatext with an Affordable Loan Solution® mortgage which can help make buying more affordable for buyers with low- and moderate-income.
Low down payment options with flexible credit and income guidelines with government loans from the Federal Housing Administration(FHA) adatext and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs adatext .
Down payments as low as 5% for medical professionals through our Doctor Loan program (some limitations apply adatext adatext )
Financing for homes up to $5 million adatext .

Competitive mortgage rates

View today's mortgage rates

Resources that can support your business and help your homebuyer

Learn about home loans

Find out about the steps, benefits and considerations of the home buying and loan process.

Down Payment Center

Your clients can use the Down Payment Center adatext to help make buying a home more affordable.

Better Money Habits®

Practical knowledge and easy-to-understand videos to help manage personal finances, including buying a new home.

Neighborhood Lending

Our Neighborhood Lending team offers community partnerships, first-time homebuyer education and more.

Your clients can manage their accounts and make payments using our top-rated Mobile Banking app adatext and Online Banking adatext