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Doctor Loan

How we work with medical professionals

Consider your job situation

Residents and fellows with a job lined up can close on a home 90 days before they start adatext

Relax on the student debt

We can often exclude your student debt from your total debt when you apply for a mortgage adatext

Lower the down payment

3% on mortgages up to $850,000, 5% on mortgages up to $1 million, 10% on mortgage up to $1.5 million and 15% on mortgages to $2 million

Who's eligible?

We have special home loan solutions for licensed and practicing doctors and dentists, medical residents and fellows, and other eligible medical professionals. adatext

Medical practice solutions

If you're a medical professional, we're here to help you develop a financial solution to move your business forward, whether it's to start a new practice, expand your current practice or buy an existing one.

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Down payment

How much should you put down?

Two smart moves

Prequalification & preapproval

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