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Bank of America Customer Service

Remove digital access

If you no longer want to use Online and Mobile Banking, you can remove access at any time.

What to expect when removing access

  • Your User ID and Password will be deleted and you’ll be unable to access Online and Mobile Banking
  • You will no longer have digital banking access to review transfer or payment history and recipients/payees
  • Any scheduled payments through Online and Mobile Banking bill pay will be canceled
  • Any scheduled or recurring transfers to other banks will still be paid
  • Any processing payments and transfers will still be paid

To remove your access, call 800-432-1000.

For our other websites and mobile apps:

Merrill Lynch: 800-637-7455

Merrill Edge: 877-653-4732

Bank of America Private Bank: 800-878-7878

Benefits OnLine (for 401K, Equity Award Plan, or Financial Advisor): 800-637-4015

Benefits OnLine (for International Participants): 609-818-8817