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Online Tax Services for Small Business

Pay your taxes on time—safely and easily

Electronic tax payments are easy with our Express Tax service.Footnote 1 There's no software to load or maintain, no enrollment or setup fee and our online tax payment portal is compatible with most internet browsers.

  • Make single or multiple payments anytime online or over the phone
  • Pay federal, state and local taxes
  • Pay quarterly payroll and sales taxes
  • Schedule tax payments in advance to be sent on a specified date—and easily cancel or edit payments prior to settlement
  • Get confirmation via email, fax or conventional mail that your payment has been received
  • View and print 2 years worth of tax payment history for your records
  • Low transaction fees: $3.50 per payment and $2 per optional receipt

How it works:

We provide you with a unique Express Tax URL you can use to make tax payments electronically anytime. You can also make payments over the phone.

  1. Select the agency and the tax type.
  2. Input the amount, filing period and due date.
  3. Receive a confirmation and you're done.

Tax Services

Make tax payments online, anytime.

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