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Business Advantage

Business Advantage 360

Run your business more efficiently and effectively while keeping your finances simple and secure.

Secure, easy access to your account

  • Real-time balance information and pending transactions
  • 12 months of sortable online transactions—view check and deposit slips online
  • 18 months of online checking and savings statements, plus an option to go paperless
  • Transaction downloads to QuickBooks®
  • Automatic alertsFootnote 2 informing you of changes and updates to your account
  • Self-service account requests, including check and deposit slip reorder and check stop payment
  • Manage checking, savings, CDs, loans, lines of credit and credit cards
  • Industry-standard online security

Online bill payment and transfers

  • Send one-time or recurring electronic payments and checks to companies and individuals
  • Receive bills from some companies electronically and get email notifications when a bill is paid
  • Wire money same day or transfer money next day or third business day inside or outside the U.S.—you control the speed
  • Transfer funds to your Bank of America consumer checking account from your checking or brokerage accounts at other financial institutionsFootnote 3

Automatic alerts

Automatic alerts allow you to receive notices via email or text message based on conditions you specify, for example: insufficient funds in your checking or saving account, irregular card or account activity and balances approaching your credit limit or dropping beneath a specified amount.Footnote3

Go Paperless

You can save paper and avoid messy filing by requesting that we stop mailing your paper statement.

After you sign in to Online Banking, look for the leaf icon (green leaf icon ) or simply go to Profile & Settings and click on the Paperless settings link.

We will send you an email every month when your statement is available for viewing online. If there are changes to account terms and conditions or other legal notifications, they will also be presented online, along with your account statements. You can always resume delivery of your paper statements at a later date.

Alerts recieved as text messages on your mobile access device may incur a charge from your mobile access provided. Mobile App alerts are not available on select devices.
Fees apply to wire and certain transfers. See the Online Banking Service Agreement for details.
Alerts received as text messages on your mobile access device may incur a charge from your mobile access service provider. The Mobile Banking app and Mobile Banking app alerts are not available on select devices. Mobile Banking app alerts are not available on the Mobile Website.
Based on bankcard, other credit, and PIN debit sales volume and transactions. Per the Nilson Report, March 2015, Issue 1059.