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Privacy & Security

SafePass® FAQs

  • Hide What is SafePass®?

    SafePass is an extra layer of security that is required in Online and Mobile Banking to authorize higher-value transfers.

  • Show How do I use SafePass?

    Each time you request a higher-value transfer, you’ll need to:

    1. Select the Send code button on the screen when prompted.
    2. Receive the SafePass code in a text message to your mobile phone.
    3. Enter the SafePass code accurately on the screen and select Submit.

    After you set up SafePass, it’s also used as an extra layer of security for adding bill payees and transfer recipients to your account.

  • Show How do I set up SafePass?

    To set up SafePass, sign in to Online Banking and choose Manage SafePass from Profile & Settings. You’ll need to select one or more mobile phone numbers to receive your SafePass code.Footnote 1 You’ll also need to enter your debit card or credit card details accurately to verify your identity.

  • Show How much does SafePass cost?

    There is no cost for using the SafePass service on your mobile phone. But if you don't have a mobile phone, you can order a SafePass card, which has a 1-time fee of $19.99.

  • Show What should I do if my mobile device becomes lost or is stolen?

    Call 800.432.1000 immediately to disable SafePass.

  • Show How do I cancel SafePass?

    To cancel SafePass, sign in to Online Banking and choose Manage SafePass from Profile & Settings. Select Unsubscribe for each mobile phone you see listed.

    Please note that texting STOP from your mobile device will not end your SafePass service.

  • Show Can I use SafePass internationally?

    Yes, you can. The most reliable option is to use Mobile SafePass. Under normal conditions, Mobile SafePass codes can only be delivered to mobile phone numbers within the U.S. However, most providers do offer a way to extend standard SMS delivery service to international locations. Check with your mobile provider to see if this is an option.

    If you’re not able to use mobile SafePass, you can obtain a SafePass Card that can be used internationally (fees may apply). Remember, though: SafePass cards cannot be mailed to an address outside the U.S., so you’ll need to obtain the card prior to leaving on your trip.

  • Show How do I dispose of my SafePass card?

    Improper disposal may cause exposure to the content of the battery. Expired cards should be disposed of by cutting along the dotted line printed on the back of the card. Do not shred this card.

  • Show Do you deliver to Military addresses?

    SafePass will be mailed to APO, FPO and DPO addresses via USPS first class mail. Tracking service is not available.

Report suspicious activity

  • In your email:
    We’ll never ask you to send us personal information such as an account number, card PIN or Social Security or Tax ID over text or email. If you do receive a request like this or any other suspicious phishing email, please forward it to us at We will only reply to your message if we require additional information.
  • In a text:
    Forward it to us immediately at Include the number the message came from and a copy of the message itself. Our team reviews all submissions; we will only reply to your message if we require additional information.
  • By phone:
    Contact us immediately to verify the validity of the message.
  • On your statement:
    To report fraudulent activity on your Bank of America account, call 800.432.1000.