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Home Equity Line of Credit Increase

What could you do with an extra $15,000?

Apply for a line increase online in minutes.

Give your line of credit more power

Do more with your home equity line of credit. Apply to increase your credit limit.Footnote 1

Request an increase online today. Applying is fast, easy and secure.

There are no application fees or closing costs.Footnote 1

You’ll enjoy:

  • Possible tax benefitsFootnote 2
  • Transferring higher-interest balances to your line of creditFootnote 2
  • Increased buying power

Use your line of credit to make home improvements, pay for education expenses or consolidate your higher-interest rate debt.Footnote 2

Get started today

Sign in to your account through Online Banking. Then take just a few minutes to request your line of credit increase.

Speed up the process even more—quickly find your home’s value.

Note: When you receive a line increase, your existing line of credit interest rate will adjust to our current interest rates.

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