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Home Equity Line of Credit Increase

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Give your line of credit more power

Do more with your home equity line of credit (HELOC) by applying to increase your credit limit.footnote1

Request an increase online today. Applying online is fast, easy and secure.

With a line increase on a HELOC, you’ll enjoy:

  • Increased buying power
  • A new 10-year draw period
  • No application fees or closing costsfootnote2

Use your line of credit to make home improvements, pay for education expenses or consolidate your higher-interest rate debt.footnote3

Please note: Depending on the circumstances, it will likely be necessary to close your current line and open a new HELOC account. Upon completion of a line increase, your account will require Glossary Term: variable-rate monthly minimum payments that include principal and interest during both the draw and the repayment period ($100 minimum required). Your account will also have an updated term of 30 years (10-year draw period and 20-year repayment period ) and your existing line of credit interest rate will adjust to current interest rates.footnote2

Get started today

To submit your request securely, sign into your account through Online Banking, click on the “Information & Services” tab and then “Request a credit line increase”.  

Get a head start and find your home’s estimated value.


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