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Home Equity Line of Credit Transfer

A smart way to save

Save time and use your low rate Bank of America HELOC to finance home improvements, pay for education, or consolidate higher interest rate debt.Footnote 1

It’s perfect for:

  • Credit cards
  • Revolving charge cards (home improvement stores, department stores)
  • Installment loans

Tell us which higher-interest installment loans or credit cards you’d like to transfer to your home equity line. You’ll soon benefit from lower monthly interest payments and a single bill each month.

There are no transfer fees, and your interest may be tax deductible.Footnote 2

Transferring is quick and easy

To get started, simply sign in to Online Banking. You can transfer funds directly from your HELOC to other Bank of America accounts, or to your creditors through Bill Pay.

This example shows how much a transfer from your credit card to your home equity line of
credit could reduce the amount of interest you pay over one year’s time.
Footnote 2

Credit card Home equity line of credit Interest payment savings
Amount transferredFootnote 3 $15,800 $15,800
Variable annual percentage rate (APR)Footnote 4, Footnote 5 14.67% 4.34% 10.33%
PaymentFootnote 6 $826 $690
4% principal balance $632 $632
+ interest $194 $58 $136
Total interest paid over 12 monthsFootnote 7, Footnote 1 $1,871 $554 $1,317

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