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Credit Card Interest Rates & Fees FAQs

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What's an annual fee?

An annual fee is the yearly fee charged for some credit card products.

What's an annual percentage rate (APR)?
What's a balance transfer fee?
What's a late fee?
What's a transaction fee?
What's an interest charge, and when does it occur?
What's a periodic rate?
What's the Prime Rate?
What happens when my credit card is charged with a returned payment fee?
What are the fees for using a credit card in a foreign country?
What's a checkout fee, and when and how does it get charged to me?
Who is charging me this checkout fee, Bank of America or the merchant?
How much will I be charged?
Which states restrict or prohibit adding surcharges to credit card transactions?
Why was I charged a checkout fee when I reside in a no-surcharge state?
How will I know before I buy something if the merchant charges this fee?
Will the checkout fee be listed on the receipt?
What if I am charged too much, or my merchant didn't disclose its fee policy?

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