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Save time by shopping local dealer inventory—all in one place


Receive a decision for the vehicle you choose—it's fast and easy


Finalize the paperwork at the dealer or select another vehicle—you're in control






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Your vehicle and your financing, all in one place

Save time and effort by shopping for your next vehicle online through our extensive participating dealer network. Choose your car and your financing online, then visit the dealership to take a test drive and finalize your paperwork. Change your mind at any time. It’s just that easy.

Hey Hun?


How's Tuesday to go look at cars?

Ugh, Tuesday's bad, how's Wednesday?

Wednesday's tough, Thursday?

I can get a couple hours free Friday.

Hmm, I think we’ll need a whole day.

VO: Take the stress out of buying your next car and shop from the comfort of your own home

VO: Bank of America works with car dealerships to bring you an easier

VO: car shopping and financing experience.

VO: compare cars, features and prices from multiple dealerships in your area.

What do you think?

I like it, do you like that car?

I love it

VO: Just select a car, if you have a car you're trading in

VO: enter its trade in value, and down payment amount, and you will be provided with a monthly payment estimate.

VO: Apply for a low rate auto loan and get a decision

VO: on most applications in about 60 seconds.

That's it? We're approved? That's awesome!

VO: The dealership you selected will call you

VO: to schedule a test drive. Just think

VO: you'll have the car picked out and financing all set before ever walking into a showroom

How about Saturday noon?

That's perfect, see you then.


VO: Our 30-day rate lot guarantee gives you time to make the right decision.


Hey, hey.


That's my wife.

VO: And just in case,

This car is not going to work for us.

But I thought this was the one we wanted.

VO: you can change your mind at any time,

VO: there is zero obligation.

What, what?

husband and wife giggling.

Uh we are going to need a bigger car.

VO: Car shopping and financing made easier.

VO: Shop for your next car and apply for a loan today

VO: Bank of forward slash car shopping.

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