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Bank of America, N.A. is proud to serve as trustee or co-trustee of a wide variety of discretionary charitable foundations. As steward of these charitable funds, we work to award meaningful grants in accordance with the philanthropic mission of each donor. Our Philanthropic Solutions group is committed to fulfilling the charitable intent of each and every donor and to providing useful information for the nonprofit community.

Using the search feature on this page you can obtain detailed information about the grantmaking focus of more than 160 foundations. These foundations' donors granted sole or co-discretion to Bank of America to design their grantmaking programs and carry out their philanthropic missions. We are pleased to share details about these foundations including their missions, guidelines, application procedures, proposal deadlines and contact information.

This site serves as an introductory portal for foundations distributing charitable grants primarily in the following states: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Vermont and Washington.

To help you gain a better understanding of Philanthropic Solutions, foundation research and the grantmaking process, we have responded to many common questions on the FAQ tab.

We hope you find these tools useful in your grant research.

Our Philanthropic Solutions group works to award meaningful grants in keeping with the philanthropic mission of each foundation.

Working with internal distribution committees or in conjunction with co-trustees, family members or external advisors, we carefully evaluate grant proposals and proactively seek opportunities to make grants that promote the philanthropic goals of each trust we hold—whatever its size or mission.

Each foundation is guided by the donor's unique mission to positively impact the communities it serves. To learn more about an individual foundation's goals and giving interests, please use the search tool on this page.

Frequently asked questions

We hope these FAQs provide answers to common questions about Bank of America, Private Bank, Philanthropic Solutions', Search for Grants website and help guide your private foundation research. Please review this information in conjunction with the state-specific application procedures highlighted on each foundation's detail page.

How do I find a foundation on this site that's right for me?
What foundations within Private Bank are listed on this site?
Can I apply online?
What social issues do the foundations support?
If my organization and/or grant request seems compatible with many of the foundations listed, how do I select which one? Can I apply to more than 1 foundation at the same time?
How can I find more information about a particular foundation managed by the Private Bank but not listed on this site?
How do I identify which foundations provide support for national organizations?
If the list does not include a foundation serving the state where my organization works, do I have any options?
How can I find out more about the grants made by each of the foundations on the site?
Can I speak with someone who can guide me toward applying for the proper foundation grant?
Who is eligible to apply for a grant?
How do we apply if we are a collaborative of nonprofits seeking support for a joint project?
What are the grant application steps?
How do I know the state office managing the foundation toward which I am applying?
For the foundations that still require a hard-copy of the Standard Grant Application format, are there page limits for responses?
Who can I contact to check the status of my application?
What are the key grantmaking channels within Bank of America?
How large is the Private Bank's grantmaking program?