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Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Enjoy giving with Bank of America’s donor-advised fund

The Bank of America Charitable Gift Fundadatext is a donor-advised fund that offers a flexible and convenient way to help advance the causes you support.

What is a donor-advised fund?

A donor-advised fund is a charitable account that helps you organize your giving. It’s easy to open and is a cost-effective alternative to a private foundationThe Bank of America Establishing a private foundation. You can recommend grants to charities and your fund will be invested with the potential to grow over time.

Donor-advised fund benefits:

  • Receive a current-year income tax deduction
  • Make grant recommendations now or in the future
  • Donate appreciated assets without incurring capital gains taxes
  • Involve your family in charitable giving

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund benefits:

  • Open an account with an initial contribution of $25,000
  • Choose from multiple investment objectives
  • Pick your own fund name—just like a private foundation
  • Enhance your impact through professional investment management and tax-free compounding of investment returns
  • Manage your charitable giving online or with your financial advisor