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How do I save and manage my User ID?

Saving your User ID can be a convenience, but there are a number of best practices you should observe when doing so.

Saving an User ID

We highly recommend you have only one User ID – and not share it with anyone else – as a way of helping keep your financial and personal information safe. Learn more about account security

  • To save your User ID so it will be prefilled each time you log in, simply check the box that says Save User ID before you select the Log In button. This will automatically save the User ID to your browser.
    • If you switch from one browser to another (for example, from Edge to Chrome), you will need to save your User ID to your new browser
    • Never save an User ID if you are accessing our site from a public computer

Saving multiple User IDs

You may have more than one User ID, such as when you have a second one for your small business. If you wish to save multiple User IDs, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Online Banking using each User ID. Be sure to check the box that says Save User ID before you select the Log In button.
  • The next time you visit the home page, you’ll see the User ID prefilled with the ID most recently used. You can click the User ID field to see a dropdown list of all User IDs saved to the browser.
  • Due to security reasons, we can only reveal first 4 characters of the User ID, so make sure the first 4 characters of each User ID are different from each other.

Deleting saved User IDs

You can delete User IDs by signing into Online Banking and selecting the Security Center tab. In the User ID portion of the Sign-in settings area, select the Review your saved User IDs link and click Delete to remove saved IDs from your browser.

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