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Credit Cards

Credit Card FAQs

  • A yearly fee charged for some credit card products.

    A balance transfer is the movement of part or all of an outstanding balance from one card account to another card account, often held at another financial institution. There is a cost if you wish to move the balance from one credit card to another. Additional details on balance transfer fees will be stated in your Credit Card Agreement.

    A penalty fee that's charged if the minimum payment due on a credit card account is not received by the payment due date.

    A transaction fee may be assessed when making certain cash advance or balance transfer transactions.
    For example:

    Bank cash advance

    ATM cash advance

    Access check

    Balance transfer

    Direct deposit

    A transaction fee may also be charged if you have Overdraft Protection on a deposit account that is tied to your credit card.
    For fee amounts, please refer to your Credit Card Agreement.

    A Returned Access Check Fee may be charged if we return an Access Check unpaid for any reason such as if you exceed your available credit.

    A returned payment fee is assessed if a payment on your account is returned for insufficient funds or for any other reason, even if it is paid upon subsequent presentment.

    Yes, you can set up an alert that notifies you via email that a credit card payment is due or that your credit card balance is within a specified amount of your credit card limit. To set up alerts or find out more about the alerts available on your Bank of America® account(s), enroll or sign in to Online Banking and select the Alerts tab.