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Practice Loans

Practice Heartbeat® Program

Knowledge and tools to help you succeed

Our Practice Solutions experts work with health care professionals all across the country. We know what it takes to manage a practice in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. So whether you're just starting out or you're acquiring a practice for the first time, our unique Practice Heartbeat® ProgramFootnote 1 will provide you with tools to help you develop the vital practice management skills you need to succeed.Footnote 2

  • Learn how to create a budget for your practice
  • Understand the common expenses incurred by health care offices
  • Get assistance obtaining access to regional fee survey information
  • Learn how to analyze your practice’s performance with easy-to-use graphs
  • Understand how to track your return on investment from your marketing strategies
  • Know the industry standards on practice revenues and expenses

We're serious about your success

Practice Heartbeat® is 100% complimentary when you're enrolled in start-up financing or you're purchasing a practice for the first time. We’ll assign a dedicated project manager who will attend to every detail of your loan and take a very personal approach to managing your enterprise. Our goal is a productive and lucrative outcome for you. To this end, your project manager will:

  • Deliver a comprehensive evaluation of your practice
  • Forecast expenditures by establishing a budget during the project phase
  • Monitor disbursements throughout the project
  • Coordinate insurance proposals to substantiate proper coverage
  • Serve as your communication liaison to safeguard success
  • Provide guidance through our email disbursement process to ensure timely payments to your suppliers

We're here to help