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Practice Loans

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Our Practice Specialists focus on specific practice types and are categorized here by the kind of financing you want.
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Health Care Practice Specialists

  Dental Medical Veterinary
Practice sales & purchases
David Rinkes
Phone: 614.374.2059
Fax: 404.736.2116
Stephen Curtis
Phone: 855.307.7252
Fax: 404.736.2134
Melisa Edwards
Phone: 877.330.3339
Fax: 888.413.4892
Start-up, commercial real estate, improvement & equipment loans
Brad Beck
(North Nevada)
Fax: 704.804.5692
Stephen Curtis
Phone: 855.307.7252
Fax: 404.736.2134
Mariza Martinez
Phone: 323.767.1955
Fax: 323.767.1966
Jay Baer
(South Nevada)
Fax: 704.625.4263