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Intuit® Self-Service Payroll Features

IntuitFootnote 1 makes payroll processing easy

  • Instant calculation of federal, state and voluntary withholdings
  • Pay employees via direct deposit or print paychecks on your own printer
  • Set up payday email reminders
  • 21 pay types: salary, hourly, wages, multiple pay rates, reimbursements, commissions and more
  • Electronic filing of federal tax payments
  • Electronic filing of state tax payments (Enhanced service only)
  • Printable, signature-ready copies of state (Enhanced service only) and federal (Basic and Enhanced services) tax forms
  • Pay employees or contractors via direct deposit
  • Payments and 1099-MISC filings for contractors (Enhanced service only)
  • Generate year-end W2s for employees and 1099-MISC for contractors
  • Workers' compensation insurance can be purchased through an independent broker

Accurate tax calculations and detailed reporting

  • 100% accuracy guaranteed—Intuit will pay any fines resulting from incorrect tax calculations
  • Multiple levels of reporting data: payroll summary and details, employee details, tax payments, total costs and more
  • Reports include calculations for multiple state withholdings and tax calculations for multiple work sites
  • Unlimited access to reports—anytime

Employee benefits

In addition to payroll services, you'll be able to provide great benefits to your employees. We'll waive the monthly fee for personal Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking™ accounts for each employee who has at least 1 qualifying direct deposit of $250 or more each statement cycle or maintains an average daily balance of $1,500 or more in the account.Footnote 2 Learn more about employee benefits.

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Tax forms

Tax forms provided in this service include: W-2, 940, 941 and 944.

21 pay types

In addition to hourly, salary and commission only, you can manage the following pay types with payroll services: overtime pay, double-overtime pay, holiday pay, bonus, commission, reimbursement, allowance, cash tips, paycheck tips, clergy housing (cash), clergy housing (in-kind), nontaxable per diem, group term life insurance, S-Corp owner's health insurance, company HSA contribution, personal use of company car, bereavement pay and other.

Intuit® Online Payroll accuracy guarantee

Intuit guarantees the accuracy of its payroll calculations, based on the information you provide and subject to the terms of your agreement with Intuit. If Intuit causes a calculation error, Intuit will pay the tax penalty incurred as a result of a calculation error.

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