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Small Business Full Service Payroll FAQs

  • Hide What is the Intuit Full Service Payroll® option?

    Intuit Full Service Payroll® is a comprehensive payroll solution that pays and files your federal and state taxes for you. Your paychecks, payroll tax payments and filings are guaranteed accurate and on time—every time. Intuit's dedicated team of payroll experts sets up your payroll for you and actively audits and flags potential errors every payroll run. You enter the hours, Intuit does the rest.

  • Show Is Intuit Full Service Payroll® secure?

    Intuit takes the security of your data very seriously. Password protection, advanced encryption technology, 128-bit secure socket layers, firewalls, heavily guarded servers and intrusion-detection devices all work together to prevent unauthorized access. Intuit Full Service Payroll® is certified by the toughest independent industry watchdogs including VeriSign, TRUSTe and the Online Better Business Bureau®.

  • Show What is error-free payroll?

    Intuit Full Service Payroll® uses error-detection logic so you don’t make mistakes and alerts you to big differences each payroll.

  • Show What do you mean by tax filing?

    Intuit will deduct your tax payments when they are due and pay and file all payroll–related forms with the appropriate state or federal agency on time and accurate—guaranteed.

  • Show How is accuracy guaranteed?

    If the information you supply is accurate, Intuit guarantees that both your paychecks and payroll taxes are accurate and on time or your next month is free—and Intuit will pay any tax penalties you incur as a result of an Intuit service error.

  • Show Can I print my own checks?

    Yes. Check printing gives you the flexibility to print and distribute checks at any time. This is especially helpful for off-cycle instances such as advances and terminations. No more having to call your payroll company for a check to be delivered, which also creates an extra cost to the employer. Setting up check printing takes less than 10 minutes, and the cost of check stock is significantly less than the cost of delivery. Most companies choose direct deposit and skip printing entirely.

  • Show Does Direct Deposit cost extra?

    No, there are no additional fees for using direct deposit.

  • Show What do I need to get set up?

    A list of employee data including Social Security numbers, an EIN and a copy of any payroll history for the year. Intuit enters all of the data for you and get you ready to run payroll.

  • Show How long does it take to get set up?

    From 7 to 10 business days after Intuit receives employee data, historical payroll information, state agency account numbers and necessary legal documents. Intuit evaluates the specific needs of each customer to determine the best transition plan from their current payroll provider or method.

  • Show Do you handle special situations like clergy or contractors?

    Intuit supports the calculations for clergy and contractor payments and filings for no additional fee.

  • Show I enrolled in Intuit Full Service Payroll® for $99 a month, but now my bill is more than that. Why?

    The fee is $99 per month, plus $2 for each employee or contractor. In addition, multi-state payroll processing fees will apply for every state in which you have employees or contractors other than your primary business state location. Intuit® may also charge additional fees for exception processing and other special processing services, which will be disclosed to you in advance.

  • Show Can you help me find workers' compensation insurance?

    Intuit Full Service Payroll® customers may contact a national insurance broker (AP Intego) with access to multiple insurance carriers offering workers' compensation insurance to learn about and purchase coverage.

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