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Remote Deposit Capture with Small Business Remote Deposit Online

  • Hide What is Remote Deposit Online?

    Remote Deposit Online allows your business to make deposits remotely using a bank scanner. Just scan paper checks from your place of business and send the images securely over the internet to Bank of America for deposit.

  • Show What are the benefits of using Remote Deposit Online?

    This service gives you the flexibility to manage your business on your schedule. You can make unlimited deposits and enjoy later cutoff times without having to leave your office or going to banking center.

  • Show Is there a fee for the Remote Deposit Online service?

    Yes. The service costs $15 a month.

  • Show How much does a new scanner cost?

    We will send you a Remote Deposit Online check scanner at no additional charge when you enroll. If you decide to discontinue service, the scanner will need to be returned.

  • Show How many checks per month can I scan using Remote Deposit Online?

    While it is possible to scan an unlimited amount of checks each month using this service, the ideal number is up to 125 per month.

  • Show Is there a dollar limit on these checks?

    The daily deposit limit is $999,999.99.

  • Show Is there a fee to cancel the service?

    You'll receive a 30-day free trial before your 24-month contract begins. If you choose to discontinue service during that 24-month period, a $250 cancellation fee will be assessed. After cancellation, you will
    have 30 days in which to return the scanner. Otherwise, you will be assessed an additional $250 fee to your account.

  • Show Where do I sign in to use Remote Deposit Online?

    You'll sign in directly through Business Online Banking. If you're a small business banking customer, select the Remote Deposit Online link from the Business Services navigation menu. If you’re a personal banking customer with small business accounts, select the Scan checks to deposit link from your Account Details page.

  • Show Can I have more than 1 user? Can I have more than 1 Online ID?

    No. At this time, the service can only support a single user with a single Online ID. The business owner can assign a sub-user to make deposits, but only 1 Online ID is used. We're currently working to establish additional features so that more than a single user and/or Online ID can be supported.

  • Show What do I do with my checks after I make a deposit with Remote Deposit Online?

    After you send check images using Remote Deposit Online, the endorsed deposited items must be safeguarded for a minimum of 14 calendar days from the date of transmission. After 14 days they must be destroyed or otherwise rendered incapable of transmission or presentment.

  • Show Does everyone qualify for the Remote Deposit Online product?

    No, you need to meet certain requirements for this service. Please call 1.866.283.4075 for additional details and to find out if you qualify.

  • Show Does Remote Deposit Online verify funds at point of deposit?

    No. Remote Deposit Online does not provide the ability to verify funds at time of deposit. Checks that are deposited by 8p.m. local time will be made available the next day. Please note that these deposits are subject to holds.

  • Show Can I make deposits to my personal accounts?

    No. Currently the service only supports deposits to your business account.

  • Show What are the system requirements for Remote Deposit Online?

    The standard Digital Check CheXpress scanner or any compatible scanner will run on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and Macintosh (Mac) 10.8.2, 10.9, 10.10 & 10.11.

    Minimum Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (32-bit only)
            2 GB memory
            2 GHz Pentium 4
            1.5 GB free space on hard drive required to install or operate
            100 Kilobits per second upload speed
    Mac OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Maverick), 10.10 (Yosemite) & 10.11 (El Captain)
            2 GB memory
            Full 64-bit processor
            1.5 GB free space on hard drive required to install or operate
            100 Kilobits per second upload speed
    Supported Browsers:

           Microsoft Interent Explorer 9, 10 & 11
           Microsoft Edge
           Mozilla Firefox (FF) 3.6 - 43
           Google Chrome 50
           Safari 6.0.1 - 9.0

  • Show Do upload speeds vary by scanner?

    Yes, upload speeds vary by scanner:

    • Digital Check CX30: Binary images only–100 Kilobits per second
    • Digital Check 220: Binary images only–134 Kilobits per second
    • Digital Check 230: Binary images only–334 Kilobits per second
    • Digital Check 240: Binary images only–167 | 250 | 334 Kilobits per second (50 | 75 | 100 DPM)
    • Check 4120: Binary images only–400 Kilobits per second
    • Panini My Vision: Binary images only–100 Kilobits per second
    • Panini My Vision X: Binary images only–300 Kilobits per second
  • Show Can I use my own scanner?

    Yes, you can use your scanner if you own one of these supported devices:

    • Digital Check CX 30, TS 230-65, TS 240 and TS 4120

    • Panini IDEAL, MVX 30 DPM, MVX 60 DPM, MVX 90 DPM, VX 50 DPM, VX 75 DPM and VX 100 DPM
  • Show Who can I call with questions regarding Remote Deposit Online?

    You can call the Small Business Specialized Sales team at 1.866.283.4075 if you are interested in enrolling in Remote Deposits Online. If you are a current customer with Remote Deposit Online and need assistance with the service, please contact our servicing team at 1.877.270.1242.

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