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Online Banking

Financial Management FAQs

  • Hide Show Using My Portfolio®

    My Portfolio allows you to go to a single place to find out the status of your Bank of America accounts, as well as accounts from other institutions that you choose to add to My PortfolioFootnote 1. You can add investment accounts, real estate holdings and loans, credit card accounts, non-Bank of America checking and savings accounts and even travel, hotel and other rewards accounts.

    In addition, My Portfolio shows you your estimated net worth based on the information and accounts you’ve included. My Portfolio also provides automated charts and graphs that illustrate how and when you spend your money over time.

  • Hide Show Using Quicken with Online Banking

    Please note: Quicken DirectConnect is no longer supported for new users. You can easily download information from Online Banking to Quicken using Web Connect.

    1. Sign in to Online Banking and select your account
    2. Navigate to the Activity tab halfway down the page
    3. Select the Download link (please note: if you have a credit card account with no transactions, you won’t see a download link. You’ll first need to select a month with transactions from the Current transactions dropdown menu)
    4. For the Transaction period, select from the dropdown menu the transactions you wish to download
    5. For the File Type option,  select WEB Connect for Quicken 2017 and above
    6. Hit the Download transactions button to save the file to your computer
    7. Open your Quicken software and look for the file in your computer, in order to upload the file
  • Hide Show Using QuickBooks with Online Banking

    To use QuickBooks with Online Banking, you first must be enrolled in Online Business Suite. Enrolling in Online Business Suite will automatically enroll you in Online Banking with QuickBooks (Direct Connect). It’s easy and secure to enroll in Online Business Suite.

    Once you are enrolled in Online Business Suite, you have two options: You can download information from Online Banking to QuickBooks using Web Connect, or you can access your accounts and pay bills directly through your QuickBooks software using Direct Connect.

  • Hide Show Using Web Connect

    Web Connect allows you to automatically download your transactions from Online Banking, launch your Quicken software, and reconcile your transactions all in one easy step. With Web Connect, there is no more searching for downloads and importing Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) files, and no more duplicate transactions due to multiple QIF downloads.