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Online Banking

Online Banking FAQs

  • Hide Show What are the features and benefits of Online Banking?

    Online Banking is a safe and convenient way for you to conduct a variety of banking activities on the internet. You can:

    • Check balances for your eligible Bank of America checking, savings, credit card and mortgage accounts
    • Track your recent transactions including ATM visits, debit card purchases and direct deposits
    • Transfer money safely and quickly between your own accounts or to your friends and family-even if they have accounts at other U.S. banks
    • Pay your monthly bills, schedule future payments or create recurring payments from your checking or money market account-or from your Home Equity Line of creditFootnote 1
    • Conveniently access and review up to 18 months of your statements online
    • Set and get automated Alerts to track various types of account activity
    • Set up budgets, get organized for tax season and track spending for your accounts-even those at other financial institutions

    You can get more detailed information about the full range of Online Banking services by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions overview page.

  • Hide Show How do I enroll in Online Banking?

    Online Banking enrollment is easy—and takes just a few minutes. To sign up you will need a Bank of America account, internet access and one of one of the following recommended internet browsers:

    For Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Win 7 or Win 8

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher
    • Firefox 3 and higher
    • Chrome 3.0 and higher

    For Macintosh using OS 10.x

    • Safari 3.0 and higher
    • Firefox 3 and higher
    • Chrome 3.0 and higher

    Enroll now in Online Banking

  • Hide Show How much does Online Banking cost?

    There is no fee for Online Banking when you have a Bank of America account.

  • Hide Show Is it possible to check my account information online without signing up for Online Banking?

    No. For security reasons, you must enroll in Online Banking to access your account information online. Enroll now in Online Banking

  • Hide Show How do I access my account information with Online Banking?

    Online Banking enables you to access your account information in a few easy steps:

    1. Enter your Online ID and click the Sign In button.
    2. Confirm your SiteKey, which consists of 3 parts: an image, an image title and 3 challenge questions that are secrets between you and Bank of America.
    3. Enter your Passcode and click the Sign In button; you will be taken to your accounts overview page.