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For 9 years in a row, Bank of America has earned the respected and coveted Best Overall Identity Safety in Banking Award by Javelin Strategy & Research, the nation's leading provider of financial institution insights. The award is based on strong performance in the categories of fraud prevention, detection and resolution.

Liability for unauthorized transactions

You are not liable for certain unauthorized Online Banking transactions, subject to the terms and conditions of our Service Agreement. Consumers, Sole Proprietorships, and other Businesses have different requirements and liabilities: Read Your responsibilities (below) for information about accessing Online Banking and reporting unauthorized transactions to preserve your rights under the Online Banking Security Guarantee.

Information security

Keeping financial information secure and confidential, including within Online Banking, is one of our most important responsibilities. Whenever personal information is requested or displayed on our website we use encryption technology, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to prevent unauthorized access to data. Visit our Privacy & Security site for more information on how Bank of America protects your accounts and information.

Safeguarding your privacy

At Bank of America, your privacy while banking online is our priority. Our Consumer Privacy Notice explains our privacy commitment and practices. It identifies the personal information that we collect and hold, and describes how we use, share and secure it.

On time payments

Bank of America processes payments to your designated Pay To accounts on the dates and for the dollar amounts you specify. If we fail to process a payment in accordance with your properly completed instructions we will reimburse you any late-payment-related charges. See the Service Agreement for details.

Contact us

If you notice any fraudulent activity in your account, or need to report lost or stolen information, please contact us immediately by calling 1.800.933.6262 .

Your responsibilities — ensure a secure Online Banking experience

  • Consumers and Sole Proprietors: Review your account statement regularly and report any unauthorized activity promptly. We will credit you for funds transferred from your accounts up to the amount of your loss when you notify the bank within 60 days of the transaction first appearing on your statement. If you do not notify us within these 60 days, you may not be credited for subsequent transactions. Additionally, we will credit you for any bank or Pay To account fees resulting from your loss. See the Service Agreement for details.
  • Businesses (other than Sole Proprietors): Review your account statement regularly and report any unauthorized activity promptly. We will have no liability to you for any unauthorized activity made using your passcode that occurs before you have notified us and we have had a reasonable opportunity to act on that notice. See the Service Agreement for details.
  • Protect your Online ID and Passcode. You should always guard your Online ID and Passcode from unauthorized use. If you share this information with someone, all transactions they initiate with the information are considered as authorized by you, even for transactions you did not intend for them to make.
  • Never leave your computer or mobile device unattended during an Online Banking session. It's easy to protect your information by signing off from Online Banking when you are finished with each session. To ensure cached copies of your Online Banking Web pages are cleared, always close your browser after signing off.