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Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee

Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee from Bank of America Review the Online Banking Security Guarantee to understand how Bank of America works hard to protect your privacy.

  1. Our Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee
  2. How you are protected with our guarantee
  3. What you need to do
  4. More ways we help to keep your information safe

Our Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee

Consumers can confidently use Online or Mobile Banking because we guarantee that you will not be liable for unauthorized transfers or bill pay transactions*, we will help keep your financial information safe and we will process your payments based on your online or mobile banking instructions. Protection is a shared responsibility so be sure to understand your role.

How you are protected with our guarantee

When you make a payment

When you make a bill payment using Online or Mobile Banking you can be confident that it will be processed correctly. In the unlikely event that we fail to process your payment in accordance to the payee, amount and date you specified, Bank of America will reimburse you for any late-payment-related charges incurred.

When you make a transfer using Zelle®

Zelle is intended for sending money to friends, family and people you trust. While you are not liable for transfers that you don’t authorize, neither we nor Zelle offers a purchase protection program for authorized payments made through the service.  For example, if you do not receive the goods or services that you paid for, or the goods or services that you received are damaged or are otherwise not what you expected, you must resolve the matter with the seller.

When you notice unauthorized transactions

We are committed to keeping your financial information safe and making sure you can bank with us securely, which is why you are not liable for unauthorized transfers or bill pay transactions made via online or mobile when they are reported promptly.

Protection is a shared responsibility

While we always offer you a high level of banking security, you do play a significant role in keeping your financial information safe. Please read What you need to do to preserve your rights under the Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee. These responsibilities are important to follow and help you safely access your account and quickly report unauthorized transactions.

Consumers have different rights and responsibilities than businesses. These differences are outlined below in the What you need to do section. Please see the Online Banking Service Agreement for full details and exceptions.

What you need to do

Routinely review your account transactions

Online and Mobile Banking makes it easier to stay on top of your account activity. Review your transactions and account statements regularly, sign up for alerts, assess and update your settings in the Security Center, and promptly report any unauthorized activity.


Notify us within 60 days of the unauthorized transaction first appearing on your statement or online and we will provisionally credit you for funds transferred from your accounts up to the amount of the unauthorized transaction. Following our investigation, we will promptly notify you of the final status of any provisional credit.


All unauthorized electronic payment transactions should be reported to the bank immediately. Any delay by customers in reporting transactions initiated by an authorized user ID and passcode affects the bank’s ability to recover funds for a customer and may result in customer liability and losses.

Please see the Online Banking Service Agreement for further details on how we handle unauthorized transactions for consumers and businesses.

Contact us immediately if you suspect fraud

Contact us if you notice any unauthorized activity in your account or need to report a card or passcode lost or stolen.

Do not share your Online ID and Passcode

If you do share your sign-in information with someone, you will be responsible for all transactions they initiate with your information, even those you did not intend them to make. These transactions will be considered authorized by you so it’s important that you always guard your Online ID and Passcode from unauthorized use. If your device allows access to anyone other than you via fingerprint, that person will also be able to access your Bank of America Mobile Banking app on the same device when Touch ID or fingerprint is enabled, and their transactions will be considered authorized.

Sign off before leaving

Never leave your computer or mobile device unattended while you are signed in to Online or Mobile Banking. It's easy to protect your information by signing off when you are finished with each banking session. In general, confidential information from the Mobile Banking app is not stored on your phone, so when you sign off, your information stays secure. If you opted to save certain information, such as your Online ID, or if you receive push notifications, some information may remain.

More ways we help to keep your information safe

We encrypt your data

Keeping financial information secure and confidential, including within Online and Mobile Banking, is one of our most important responsibilities. Whenever personal information is requested or displayed on our website we use encryption technology to help prevent unauthorized access to data. Visit our Privacy & Security site for more information on how Bank of America protects your accounts and information.

Your privacy is our priority

Be assured that Bank of America safeguards your privacy however you choose to bank with us. Our Consumer Privacy Notice explains our commitment to your privacy and our practices to protect and manage your personal information. It identifies what we collect and hold, and describes how it is used, shared and secured.

For 9 years in a row, Bank of America has earned the respected and coveted Best Overall Identity Safety in Banking Award by Javelin Strategy & Research, the nation's leading provider of financial institution insights. The award is based on strong performance in the categories of fraud prevention, detection and resolution.

*Mobile Check Deposits are not covered by the Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee. In the Mobile Banking app, select Get Help, then Mobile Check Deposit for details, including restrictions and terms and conditions related to the use of Mobile Check Deposit.

Zelle and Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.