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Financial Center FAQs

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How do I find the nearest Bank of America financial center and hours of operation?

Use our locator tool or use the Locations function in our Mobile Banking app to find a convenient financial center near you.

What is the bank's holiday schedule for 2022?
Can I get cashier's checks at a financial center?
What alternatives does Bank of America offer to a cashier's check?
Does Bank of America offer notary services?
Does Bank of America offer safe deposit boxes? If so, what are the fees?
Can I redeem a Federal Savings Bond at a Bank of America financial center?
Can I cash a check at a financial center if I don't have a Bank of America account?
What is the FDIC?
What does the FDIC insure?
Does Bank of America participate in the FDIC's Transaction Account Guarantee Program?
How can I determine my current level of insurance coverage?