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What account services are available to me online?

There are a variety of self-service features available to you through Small Business Online Banking. You can access these services from the Help & Support menu within Online Banking:

  • Reorder checks
  • Request a stop payment on specific checks
  • Order copies of checks
  • Order copies of account statements
  • Change your address
  • Request a balance transfer for your Bank of America personal credit card
  • Create nicknames for your checking and savings accounts
Can I reorder checks?

Yes. You can reorder checks by signing in to Online Banking and selecting the Information & Services tab for your account.

Can I change my phone number, street address or email address?

Yes. You can change your phone number, street address or email address by going to Profile & Settings.

How do I change my Passcode?

You can change your Passcode at any time by signing in to Online Banking and going to Security Center.

Can I request a stop payment on a check?

Yes. You can request a stop payment on a check by signing in to Online Banking and selecting the Informations & Services tab for your account.

How can I stop or resume mail delivery of paper statements?

For eligible accounts, Bank of America makes it possible for you to stop (or resume) receiving paper statements in the mail. Paperless statements allow you to avoid messy filing and conserve our natural resources. When you receive paperless statements, you get all the same information that you get today in your paper statements (promotional materials will not be included).

To change your paper statement delivery preferences, sign in to Small Business Online Banking, select Profile & Settings then Paperless settings. If you choose to stop delivery of paper statements, we’ll send you an email every month reminding you that your statement is available for viewing online. You can always resume delivery of your paper statements at a later date by going to Profile & Settings within Online Banking and selecting the Paperless settings link.

How do I contact Bank of America with a question?

To ask questions about your accounts or request account services, you can contact us by phone (our Small Business Customer Service page has all the details), by making an appointment, by visiting a financial center or by reaching out on our Facebook page (select the Get Help link) or on Twitter @BofA_Help. You can also write us at:
Bank of America
PO Box 25118
Tampa, FL 33622-5118