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What is Remote Deposit Online?

Remote Deposit Online allows your business to make deposits remotely using a bank scanner. Just scan paper checks from your place of business and send the images securely over the internet to Bank of America for deposit.

What are the benefits of using Remote Deposit Online?
How much does a new scanner cost?
How many checks per month can I scan using Remote Deposit Online?
Is there a dollar limit on these checks?
What is my trial period and cancellation fee?
Can I have more than 1 user? Can I have more than 1 User ID?
What do I do with my checks after I make a deposit with Remote Deposit Online?
Does everyone qualify for the Remote Deposit Online product?
Does Remote Deposit Online verify funds at point of deposit?
Can I make deposits to my personal accounts?
What are the system requirements for Remote Deposit Online?
Do upload speeds vary by scanner?
Can I use my own scanner?
Who can I call with questions regarding Remote Deposit Online?

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