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How to transfer money online between your
accounts at Bank of America®

It's easy to transfer money between your accounts

Online Banking makes it easy for you to securely transfer money from your savings to your checking account for that special purchase or unexpected bill.Footnote1 You can move funds between your credit card, home equity line of credit or eligible Merrill Lynch investment accounts.Footnote2

You can also help increase your savings account balance easily and conveniently by setting up automatic transfers (weekly, biweekly, monthly and more) from your checking to your savings.

How to make a transfer

  1. After you sign in to Online Banking, go to the Transfers tab and select Between my accounts at Bank of America.
  2. Fill in the fields: From and To (for example from your checking to your savings) as well as Amount and Frequency (for example, one time or recurring).
  3. Review your information and select Make Transfer.

Your transfer will be confirmed right away!


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