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Zelle® Limits

Zelle® limit details

For your protection, we limit the amount of money and total payments you can send in a specific time period:

IndividualsSmall Business*
Time periodDollar amountTotal paymentsDollar amountTotal payments
24 hours$3,50010$15,00020
7 days$10,00030$45,00060
30 days$20,00060$60,000120

Private Bank and Merrill Wealth Management clients may be subject to higher dollar limits and total payments. Please contact your advisor for more information on your limits.

Single payment minimum: $1

Single payment maximum: $3,500 (Individuals) $15,000 (Small Business*)

While there are limits on what you can send using Zelle®, there are no limits on what you can receive using Zelle®.

*Zelle® send limits are set at the customer profile (User ID) and apply to all accounts visible in the “From” dropdown when initiating a Zelle® payment. If you are a Small Business customer and are not receiving the Small Business limits, make sure you are logged in with your Small Business User ID. If you don’t have a Small Business User ID, enroll now using your Small Business account info, or contact us.

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