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FAQs: Questions About Managing Your Accounts

Explore our FAQ page for additional information about Online Banking, credit and debit cards, loans, investments and more


  • Hide I like how Bank of America Online Banking gives me 24/7 account access from anywhere. How do I enroll in Online Banking?

    Once you have a Bank of America account, enrolling in Online Banking is simple and secure. Depending on the type of account you’re using use for your Online Banking enrollment, you may need to provide your Social Security number, account number, email address and/or your ATM or debit card number and PIN.

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  • Show As a servicemember who travels often, being able to pay my bills online from anywhere is very convenient. How can I set up online bill payments?

    To set up our optional Bill Pay service, you need to enroll in Online Banking. Once enrolled, you can set up bill payments in advance, set up recurring payments for regular bills, track your payment history and more. If you have only an installment loan with us, you can go to the biller direct option in Online Banking and set up Bill Pay to your checking account at another bank. When you're setting up Bill Pay, you'll need to have copies of your paper bills handy so you can add merchants/payees into the system.

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  • Show Can I use Bank of America banking centers if I'm a customer with just the overseas Department of Defense (DOD) Community Bank?

    No. Bank of America has a contract with the Department of Defense to operate the Community Banks on overseas military installations, but Community Bank customers are not automatically customers of Bank of America, and vice versa.

    If you need help with your Community Bank account while you're overseas, contact your local Community Bank. If you need help while you're in the U.S., call 1.800.239.9427.

    To open a Community Bank account, contact the Community Bank when you arrive overseas. Community Banks are located on U.S. military installations in Japan, Okinawa, South Korea, Diego Garcia, Germany, United Kingdom, Iceland and Holland.

  • Show Can Bank of America help me budget my money?

    It's important to put yourself in control of your money and stop letting it control you. Setting up a budget will give you financial peace of mind and can help you stretch the income you have. We've assembled some strategies to help you learn about budgeting, but we encourage you do as much research as possible and, if possible, to speak with a financial advisor about your specific situation.

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  • Show What do I do if my credit card or debit card is lost or stolen?

    Immediately report any lost or stolen card to Bank of America. We will cancel your card and issue a replacement (a debit card replacement fee may apply).

    You should also contact any merchant with whom you’ve set up automatic bill payments. Once you receive your replacement card, you'll need to set up any automatic bill payments with those merchants using your new card number.

    For a lost or stolen credit card: Please call us at 1.800.732.9194 immediately. If you're calling from outside the U.S., call us collect at 1.302.738.5719.

    For a lost or stolen debit card: Please call 1.800.432.1000 immediately. If you're calling from outside the U.S., call us collect at 1.315.724.4022.

    Important note: If your service has taken you away from home and your spouse needs to call on your behalf, there may be a problem resolving the issue if the account is not a joint account or if the spouse does not have power of attorney. If you’re preparing for deployment, make sure you consider the issue of powers of attorney.

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  • Show How can I transfer money when I'm overseas?

    Using Online Banking, you can easily transfer money between your bank accounts and to Bank of America accounts of friends and family. You can also transfer money between your linked Merrill Lynch brokerage accounts and your linked Bank of America checking or savings accounts.

    Transfers from a Bank of America personal checking, savings or line of credit account to another customer's Bank of America account are immediate and cannot be reversed and there is a transfer limit of $1,000 during any 24-hour period or no more than $2,500 during any 7-day period.

    You can also use Online Banking to make an international wire transfer. To do so, you will need to have the complete information of where the funds are being sent. This may include beneficiary name and address, beneficiary account number, and beneficiary bank name and address. Additionally, you will need to have any national bank identifiers that are required by the banking system of the destination country.

    If you are transferring funds to an international account, your account will be debited the same day and Bank of America will send the payment out immediately. The beneficiary's bank will generally receive the funds 1 to 2 days later. The funds will usually be credited to the beneficiary within 2 days. However, there are a number of factors which could delay the credit to the beneficiary. These include, but are not limited to: local bank holidays, delays by an intermediary bank or other local conditions. Note, too, that some countries have been designated as slow-to-pay countries. Transfers made to or from a slow-to-pay country may experience delays in crediting the beneficiary's account.

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