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Foreign Currency Information FAQs

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Can I order or exchange foreign coins?

No. Bank of America does not offer or accept foreign coins.

Why should I order foreign currency before my trip?
Can anyone exchange foreign currency at a financial center?
Why are some currencies not listed on your site?
Does Bank of America offer travelers cheques?
What does it mean if my foreign currency is out of circulation?
Does Bank of America accept pre-Euro currencies from countries that have converted to the Euro?
What is mutilated currency?
Does Bank of America exchange Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong currency?

Delivery information

You must pick up at a financial center if:

  • Your order is $1,000 or more in U.S. dollars
  • You are a new customer (less than 30 days)
  • Your address changed in the last 30 days

Shipping details

  • Orders made before 2 p.m. (delivery address local time) Mon.-Fri. will ship the same business day; otherwise will ship the next business day
  • Standard delivery: Delivery is made within 1-3 business days
  • Next business day: Delivery is made in 1 business day if order is placed before 2 p.m. local time
  • We do not ship orders on Sat., Sun. or holidays