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Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Information FAQs

  • Hide Can I order or exchange foreign coins?

    No. Bank of America does not offer or accept foreign coins.

  • Show Why should I order foreign currency before my trip?

    Convenience and peace of mind. You may need local currency for tips, taxis and other miscellaneous expenditures. Getting local currency before you leave means you don’t have to worry about finding an exchange business as soon as you arrive. You also don't have to worry about exchange businesses being closed in the event you arrive after hours or during a holiday.

  • Show Can anyone exchange foreign currency at a financial center?

    Any Bank of America customer can exchange foreign currency at any financial center.

  • Show Why are some currencies not listed on your site?

    Bank of America uses many criteria to determine our currency offerings, including (but not limited to) local prohibitions on importing currency (for example, India), consistent availability of the currency and consumer demand for the currency. If you don’t see a currency listed for selection, we don’t currently offer it.

  • Show Does Bank of America offer travelers cheques?

    No, we don't. As a result of customer feedback regarding the many difficulties involved in cashing and using travelers cheques, we no longer offer this product.

  • Show What does it mean if my foreign currency is out of circulation?

    Many countries periodically take their currency notes out of circulation. New currency notes are circulated to replace the old ones and the old notes are then considered out of circulation. Typically, national banks will accept the old notes for a brief period of time and distribute only the new notes. Bank of America only accepts foreign currency bills that are in current circulation.

  • Show Does Bank of America accept pre-Euro currencies from countries that have converted to the Euro?

    No. However, you may be able to exchange many of these legacy currencies at the central bank of the individual country. Redemption criteria vary by country.

  • Show What is mutilated currency?

    Mutilated currency is any currency that has been ripped, torn, taped, burned or substantially defaced. In many countries, merchants or banks will not accept these bills. Bank of America does not distribute or accept mutilated currency of any kind.

  • Show Does Bank of America exchange Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong currency?

    Bank of America, N.A. does not buy or sell Iraqi dinar banknotes or Vietnamese dong banknotes, and currently has no plans to offer this service in the future. You may have read on the internet or heard from friends that Bank of America, N.A. buys and sells these banknotes, or has plans to offer this service. This information is not correct.

    We urge you to seek the advice of a competent, professional investment advisor before making any investment. You should treat with extreme caution any investment schemes you read about on the internet, in chat rooms or hear about from friends or acquaintances.

    Several state agencies, major financial institutions, and consumer protection groups have cautioned that this is a scam. Currently the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Internal Revenue Service are investigating.

Delivery information

You must pick up at a financial center if:

  • Your order is $1,000 or more in U.S. dollars
  • You are a new customer (less than 30 days)
  • Your address changed in the last 30 days

Shipping details

  • Orders made before 2 p.m. (delivery address local time) Mon.-Fri. will ship the same business day; otherwise will ship the next business day
  • Standard delivery: Delivery is made within 1-3 business days
  • Next business day: Delivery is made in 1 business day if order is placed before 2 p.m. local time
  • We do not ship orders on Sat., Sun. or holidays