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Foreign Currency

Placing A Foreign Currency Order FAQs

  • Hide How much foreign currency can I order online?

    Bank of America customers with a Bank of America checking or savings account can order up to USD$10,000 in foreign currency over 30 days, whether that purchase is made in one or several transactions. Orders up to USD$1,000 in foreign currency can be delivered to your address of record (on the account you’re using to pay for the currency) over 30 days, whether that currency is purchased in one or several transactions. Orders of USD$1,000 and up need to be picked up at a financial center.

    For information on transactions over USD$10,000 visit your nearest Bank of America financial center. Find a financial center

  • Show Is there a fee for placing a foreign currency order online?

    There is no fee for ordering foreign currency online. The bank receives compensation from the purchase and sale of foreign currency banknotes in the form of the difference (also known as the spread) between the price we pay to obtain the foreign currency and the price at which we sell the foreign currency. There is, however, a delivery fee of USD$7.50 on all foreign currency orders less than USD$1,000; this fee is waived on orders of USD$1,000 or more.

  • Show How do I pay for a foreign currency order?

    Payment for online foreign currency orders can only be made using a Bank of America checking or savings account. You may also use a debit card linked to your Bank of America account. If you do not have a Bank of America checking or savings account but you do have a Bank of America credit card, you may place an order for foreign currency at a financial center. Cash payment is required at the time the order is placed. Bank of America does not accept credit cards as payment for foreign currency.



  • Show I'm using your calculator before placing an order, and it seems to be rounding up my transactions. Why is this happening?

    Foreign currency transactions are rounded up to the nearest and smallest foreign currency denomination available in paper form. For example, if you were purchasing euros, your calculation would be rounded up to the next multiple of 5 euro, since that is the smallest paper denomination of euro (smaller denominations of euro are coins, and Bank of America does not order or exchange foreign coins).

  • Show Is there a minimum order amount for purchasing foreign currency?

    Your total order must be a minimum of USD$100. If you are ordering multiple currencies, the minimum amount for each currency is USD$25.

  • Show What denominations of foreign currency can I order?

    You can choose to receive your order in small, large or mixed denominations. Denominations are always subject to availability.

  • Show Is it safe to order foreign currency online?

    Yes. Bank of America understands how important online security is to you and is committed to making your online transactions with us safe and secure. For information on how Bank of America is keeping your information safe, please visit the Privacy & Security area of our site to review our Online Privacy and Consumer Privacy notices.

  • Show Can anyone order foreign currency online?

    No, you must be a Bank of America customer with a checking or savings account that can be used to pay for your order.

  • Show How can I exchange foreign currency for U.S. dollars?

    Bank of America account holders can exchange foreign currency (no coins) for U.S. dollars at a full-service financial center. Use our foreign currency calculator to find out how much your foreign currency is worth in U.S. dollars.

Delivery information

You must pick up at a financial center if:

  • Your order is $1,000 or more in U.S. dollars
  • You are a new customer (less than 30 days)
  • Your address changed in the last 30 days

Shipping details

  • Orders made before 2 p.m. (delivery address local time) Mon.-Fri. will ship the same business day; otherwise will ship the next business day
  • We do not ship orders on Sat., Sun. or holidays