When it comes to managing credit card and unsecured personal loan debt, it's good to be proactive. Paying even a small amount above the minimum payment could make a big difference in reducing your credit card balances. It also can help to pay consistently and on time.

How do I make a payment to my account?

You have 5 options for making payments:

1. Online

There are several ways to make payments to your Bank of America credit card in Online Banking. You can go to the Transfers tab and make a transfer from your Bank of America checking or savings account. You can also use our optional Bill Pay service to set up payments from your Bank of America checking or savings account. If you'd like to set up a payment to your Bank of America credit card using another financial institution's checking or money market account, you can also set this up using our optional Bill Pay service.

2. ATM Credit Card Payments

You can make Bank of America credit card payments at our ATMs with only your Bank of America credit card and your check or cash. Simply visit your local Bank of America ATM, insert your credit card and select Make a Payment. Please note that business credit cards are not supported at this time.

3. Pay by phone

If you elect to pay by phone, please call:
Consumer cards: 855.891.3401
Business cards: 888.306.4949

4. Drop off payment

You can make payments at any Bank of America financial center. Find a financial center.

5. Mail payment

To mail us a payment, please use one of the following delivery methods:

Consumer Card payments:
Up-to-date payments:Bank of America
P.O. Box 15019
Wilmington, DE Delaware 19850-5019
Late payments:Bank of America
P.O. Box 15019
Wilmington, DE Delaware 19850-5019
Overnight delivery:Bank of America
Attn: Payment Processing
900 Samoset Drive
Newark, DE Delaware 19713
Money transfer:Western Union® layer

Business Card payments:
All payments:Bank of America Business Card
P.O. Box 15710
Wilmington, DE Delaware 19850-5710
How can I avoid late fees?

As detailed in our terms and conditions for your account, we may charge a fee each time at least the minimum payment has not been credited on to your account by the payment due date. We recommend that you send this payment at least 5 working days before the due date. It is likely to be received prior to the due date. Information regarding payment methods can be found on the reverse of your monthly statement. You can monitor your payments at any time through Online Banking.

You can avoid late fees by setting up a Direct Debit which you can do through Online Banking. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your nominated bank account or you may incur a fee.

What is estimated interest and how can it be reduced or avoided?

Estimated interest is the interest you will be charged on your next statement if you pay the agreed minimum amount and this reaches us on the payment due date. It assumes that you make no transactions, incur no fees and there are no changes in your statement date or interest rate (except for the expiry of a promotional interest rate). It is calculated in accordance with section two of our terms and conditions for your account.

You can reduce the amount of interest charged by paying more than the minimum monthly payment due. You can avoid interest charges altogether on your Bank of America credit card by paying your balance in full and on time each month. Bear in mind, interest is charged from the day you withdraw cash from an ATM or bank and there is a cash advance transaction fee associated with cash advances.

What happens if I have forgotten to make my payment?

If you have simply overlooked a payment you can make one now. Access Online Banking or call us as soon as possible on 855.891.3401 for your Consumer Card account or 888.306.4949 for your Business Card account to make a payment over the phone. You may incur fees if you do not maintain your payments and keep your account up-to-date. If you're over your credit limit, make sure your payment covers the overlimit amount, plus any fees and interest (you can find out what your estimated interest will be from your card statement). For future peace of mind and to avoid late fees, set up a Direct Debit on your account to pay the minimum payment due. Simply access Online Banking.

What can I do if I experience financial difficulties?

If you're in financial difficulty, it is in all our interests to get it resolved. Contact us to explore your options by logging in to Online Banking or calling Customer Service. The earlier you contact us the sooner we can work together to come up with a solution.

Credit Cards: 855.891.3401
Small Businesses: 888.306.4949

If you have recently changed your address and telephone number, please update your contact details online through Online Banking or by calling Customer Service at 855.891.3401.

Where can I get additional financial help and assistance?

Besides Bank of America, you can also get free help and credit counseling from Bank of America, as well as a wide range of external resources.