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Welcome to Employee Resources at Home

Here, U.S.-based Bank of America employees can access a wide range of benefits and programs to support you and your family when away from a work computer.

Use the navigation tabs on this page to explore information about Employee Resources at home. In the wrong place? Get information about Retiree Resources at Home

Access your W-2 layer
Click Pay, then click
W-2 Tax Statements



Payslips and W-2s

For active employees*

*From the Pay icon, click Payslips under the View menu. The PDF is your official payslip.

For employees on leave and former employees

Income verification

(BAC Code 10375)
Verification for Rhode Island-based employees or government agency request call the Global HR Service Center at 800.556.6044

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness tool

Take the assessment to understand and improve your financial health.

Benefits Education & Planning Center (BEPC)

Access to online tools, resources, and independent financial planners who can help you get the most from your employee benefits and achieve your personal financial goals.

For active employees

For employees on leave and retirees layer

Provides you and your family with educational tools that help with complex money topics.


Time away

Hourly employees track time worked and time off

View time off balances and requests

View quick reference guide on entering time when business location is closed

Leaves of absence

File a leave or short-term disability claim, view or provide information, or communicate with our leave administrator

View or provide information for an existing long-term disability claim or communicate with MetLife, our long-term disability administrator

Review your pay layer, update benefits information layer and access guides layer with detailed leaves information


Employee information

For active employees

Employment verification

The Work Number layer

(BAC Code 10375)
Verification for Rhode Island-based employees or government agency request call the Global HR Service Center at 800.556.6044

Emergency Readiness

Emergency preparedness at home and work

Emergency message center

Severe weather and natural disasters

Additional information

Bank of America Store

Brand Resource Center

Need Help?

Employee Assistance Program

Confidential counseling available 24/7

866 327 2725


Retrieve emergency notices by calling and
providing your person number

877 693 6228

Life Event Services

One-on-one support if you've been
impacted by a life event

Employee Retirement Savings Center

(401(k) plans; stock and long-term cash)

800 637 4015 (U.S.)

609 818 8817 (Regional)

Employee Retirement Benefits Service Center

(pension and TSA plans)

800 457 5700

Employee Financial

800 695 6262

Benefits Education & Planning Center

866 777 8187


In an emergency, call 911; if you still need help, call our 24/7 security hotline

800 222 7511

Bank of America Survivor Support

To report the death of a U.S. employee, retiree or dependent

855 224 6594