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Student Banking

FAQs: Questions About Student Credit Cards

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  • Hide When will I receive my card?

    You will receive your card within 2-3 weeks upon approval of your application.

  • Show What if my credit card gets lost or stolen?

    If you lose your credit card or it gets stolen, notify us immediately by calling 1.800.732.9194 (outside the United States call collect: 1.757.677.4701). We'll cancel your card and issue a replacement immediately. You won't be liable for any fraudulent activity.

  • Show Can I link my credit card to my Bank of America® checking or savings account?

    Yes, you can link your Bank of America credit card and checking or savings account to pay your monthly credit card bill automatically. You can also link your Bank of America credit card to your eligible Bank of America checking account for overdraft protection to help protect yourself against insufficient funds. Fees may apply. Refer to your Credit Card Agreement for details. Visit a Bank of America financial center and we will be glad to assist you.

  • Show What is an annual percentage rate (APR)?

    An Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on a credit card account is the yearly rate of interest on your credit card.

  • Show How can I minimize interest charges on my credit card purchases?

    To minimize the interest you pay on your purchases, be sure to pay off your entire balance in full each month. If you can't pay off the balance in full, try to pay as much of the balance as you can (and definitely pay more than the minimum payment). The key is to keep your spending under control. To learn how to build a healthy credit score while controlling your expenses, visit our Better Money Habits™ website and watch this video about credit.

  • Show How is my credit limit determined?

    Your credit limit is based on your income, existing debt and credit history. When you have a credit card, seeing that credit limit can tempt you into spending more money than you have. Drawing up a monthly budget can help you keep track of your income and expenses, which in turn will make it easier to handle any unexpected expenses that come along.

  • Show How can I make sure I don't overspend with my credit card?

    Creating a budget and sticking to it is the best place to start. When writing down all your monthly expenses to create your budget, set aside an additional amount for unexpected emergencies. If your listed budget expenses exceed your monthly income, it's time to balance your spending. You'll soon see how simple it is to keep up with your monthly payments and build a strong credit history that'll help you down the road to a successful financial future. For more helpful information on budgeting, visit our Better Money Habits™ website and watch our videos about saving and budgeting.

  • Show How can I protect myself from credit card fraud?

    Check your statement each month against your own receipts to make sure each transaction is correct. Keep your receipts to yourself and never send your credit card number through the mail on a postcard or the outside of an envelope. Sign your name on the back of your new card the moment it arrives. If a merchant asks for ID when you use the card, ask them not to write down the credit card number. Report a lost or stolen credit card immediately. For more information about protecting yourself against fraud, visit the privacy and security area of our website.

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