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Financing for attorneys—designed to help you succeed

Bank of America offers a full range of financing options for attorneys, including the critical knowledge you need to establish and develop your firm. We work with attorneys all across the country, so we know what it takes to manage your business in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

  • Show Partnership buy-in

    Get up to $200,000Footnote 1 in capital

    As an attorney, you're well aware that buying into a partnership is something you may do just once in your lifetime. That's why you need to work with someone who can make it as easy as possible from start to finish.

    We offer flexible repayment options and knowledgeable associates to help you with your decision. Resources available to you include:

    • Buy-in financing for up to 10% ownership of the business
    • Customized loan amounts that provide necessary capital financing for your firm
    • Flexible payment structures to fit your law firm's capital distribution schedule
    • Interest only payment options for up to 13 months available
    • Fixed rate terms to meet your specific needs with competitive rates
    • The ultimate in flexibility and control, with principal reduction and early payoff options
    • Borrow $25,000 to $200,000 at terms up to 10 years
  • Show Commercial real estate

    Purchase or refinance the building that’s right for you

    When leasing space isn't the best option, it may be time to consider buying or relocating to your own building.

    We offer a complete suite of real estate loan products including first mortgages, refinancing and more. We'll customize a financing solution that meets the specific needs of your firm. Our financing programsFootnote 1 include:

    • Loans up to $5 million
    • Conventional loans with simple applications and short approval times
    • 6 months of no payments or up to 12-month interest-only options—make lower payments while you adjust to ownership
    • Payment schedules up to 25 years to keep payments affordable
    • Demographic Site Analysis to help you select the ideal location and attract the patient base you wantFootnote 2
    • The ultimate in flexibility and control with principal reduction and early payoff options
  • Show Improvement, expansion and relocation

    It's a big decision—relax, we're here to help you every step of the way

    The professional and financial rewards of expanding or remodeling your practice can be well worth the effort—especially when you have our professional practice financing experts on your team.

    We can help you locate reliable, reasonably priced sources for everything from equipment to software. We offer resources that may enable you to determine cost-effective methods for remodeling and expanding, and can discuss financing alternatives to help you achieve your dream of a more profitable practice—now and in the future.Footnote 1

    • 100% financing for everything from architectural and design fees to renovations, construction, equipment and other project expenses—including tenant improvements
    • Interest-only payments for 12 months or deferred payments for 6 months to lower payments after remodeling or expanding
    • No payments during the draw period
    • Longer repayment terms than anyone else in the industry—up to 10 years—to keep payments low and affordable
    • Fixed rates to suit your practice needs
    • Up to 12-month rate lock, through project build-out phase, to protect against potential rate changes
    • Demographic Site Analysis to help you select the ideal location and attract the client base you wantFootnote 2
    • The ultimate in flexibility and control with principal reduction and early payoff options
    • A dedicated project manager resource to help get things done on time and within budget
  • Show Equipment purchases

    We make the process quick and easy

    When your equipment breaks down or becomes obsolete, you may need to replace it quickly. We understand. That's why in most equipment purchase situations no tax returns or financial statements are required. Even if you're not in a hurry, you'll appreciate the financial advice and assistance we can offer.

    We'll explain the tax benefits you can receive from depreciation and first-year write-offs—as well as the Section 179 tax implicationsFootnote 3—of qualifying equipment and software purchases. We'll even help you decide between leasing and buying. We offer a wide variety of financial options and flexible terms that will make upgrading your equipment easier than you ever imagined.

    • Quick credit decisions on loans up to $75,000 for equipment or consulting
    • Preserve working capital with 3- or 6-month deferred payment options
    • Quick and easy phone application process
    • Comprehensive financing for everything from installation to training and equipment costs
    • No application or closing costs—to save you money right from the start
    • Simple interest payoffs and principal reductions that put you back in control
    • Flexible payment structures with terms up to 7 years to meet your needs
    • Up to $10,000 travel reimbursement for consulting

    Use our Equipment Loan Calculator to estimate monthly payments, return on investment and Section 179 tax benefits.

  • Show Practice debt consolidation

    Simplify your financial life

    Now you can leverage your professional equity to upgrade or expand, fund future growth, consolidate bills into one low monthly payment or improve your cash flow by lowering your overhead. We'll work with you to customize a plan that suits your income, debt level and plans for the future.Footnote 1

    • Sensible solutions at competitive rates
    • Financing up to 65% of your business revenue to help you consolidate debt and lower your monthly payments
    • Repayment terms up to 10 years—to keep payments low and affordable
    • The ultimate in flexibility and control with principal reduction and early payoff options

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