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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

Help keep overdrafts under control—enroll your Small Business checking account in Overdraft Protection today

How it works

When you sign up for Overdraft Protection, available funds are automatically transferred to your Small Business banking account from another Bank of America business account whenever an overdraft occurs. There is no cost to sign up for Overdraft Protection and we only charge you a fee when we transfer funds for you.

Eligible accounts

The following business accounts can be linked to your Business Advantage Banking account and used for Overdraft Protection:

  • Business Advantage Savings
  • Another business checking account
  • Business credit card accounts

How to Setup Overdraft Protection

  1. Sign in and select the account you wish to protect with Overdraft Protection.
  2. Select Enroll, next to Overdraft Protection in the Features menu.
  3. Click Edit next to Modify Account Status, select the account you wish to add as the overdraft protection funding account, then selelct Submit.
  4. Select Yes, add Overdraft Protection. You'll receive a confirmation. 
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