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Business Advantage

Full Analysis Business Checking

Full Analysis Business Checking is designed exclusively for businesses that:

  • Maintain deposit balances of $60,000
  • Write more than 150 checks and deposit more than 200 checks per month
  • Want to regularly initiate or receive wires or other payments electronically to save time and money
  • Want to streamline reconciliation of bank statements
  • Are looking to improve fraud control
  • Would like to accrue earnings credit on balances that can be used to offset most or all account fees.Footnote 1

Additional features:

  • Offset monthly fees by maintaining certain account balances or by grouping multiple accounts together
  • Tiered earnings credit rates reward you for maintaining higher balances
  • Detailed monthly analysis statements let you monitor account activity easily
  • Cash Management services can help cut business costs, improve cash flow and simplify accounting

Bank of America offers a wide range of cash management services that grow with your business, including:

Receivables – Speed up your collections

  • Remote deposits
  • Image lockbox
  • ATM business deposit cards
  • Depository+
  • Cash vault
  • Bank of America Merchant Services

Payments – Gain control over your payments

  • ACH and wire payments
  • Card solutions
  • Check payments
  • Payroll solutions
  • International payments

Account management – Manage your accounts more effectively

Online services – Improve your efficiency

Fraud prevention – Prevent fraud and identity theft

  • Positive pay
  • ACH blocks/authorizations
  • Account reconciliation
  • Card solutions
  • Online/mobile security

Image lockbox

Image lockbox enables you to authorize us to collect, scan and deposit incoming checks. This decreases your check-handling costs as it increases collection speed and cash availability.

Cash vault

Cash vault lets you receive safe, secure and accurate processing of coin, currency and check deposits.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay helps prevent fraud by quickly identifying questionable ACH/check payments and bringing them to your attention so you can decide whether to make or reject payment.


PeerProfiler allows us to efficiently analyze the performance of thousands of companies across a variety of industries. This analysis provides valuable insights into how your business is performing relative to others like it.

Maximize your use of funds and increase your account control with zero balance accounts

A zero balance account is a subsidiary account that is maintained at a specified balance (usually zero) and is electronically linked to master account.

Who they're for

For companies interested in consolidating funds from several accounts in the same state.


  • Statements on the master and subsidiary accounts provide detailed account transactions.
  • Maximizes use of funds and increases funds control.
  • Unlimited number of subsidiary accounts can be linked to a zero balance account master.
  • A target balance other than zero may be established.

Get the essentials

Ask about Bank of America Merrill Lynch Cash Management Essentials, a suite of cash management solutions with easy-to-understand, predictable monthly pricing to help you manage your business