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Access your accounts


The information you need, available anytime

Double-check the balance on your accounts when you’re ready to get groceries and fill up the car, when you’re making a transfer or paying your bills, when it’s payday and you have a special purchase in mind. Get your account information when you want it on your Windows® 8 tablet.

Manage your finances, whatever your schedule

  • Check balances for your Bank of America checking, savings, CD, credit card, home equity and mortgage loan accounts and Merrill Edge® investment accounts
  • Track your recent posted and pending transactions, including ATM visits, debit card purchases and direct deposits
  • Look up your credit card transactions (up to 12 statements)

Mobile account access is available in our Mobile Banking App. Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet. It’s also available with Text Banking and on our Mobile Website.

Our mobile app for the Windows® 8 tablet gives you more Mobile Banking options and features while Text Banking is the fastest way to get your account balances and recent transaction history from any mobile phone, without signing in. Use either depending on your time and need on your Windows® 8 tablet.

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Send Money and Transfer


The flexibility and benefits of cash

Say you’re splitting the check 5 ways. Or your best friend just got concert tickets for the group. You can now send money from your Bank of America account to your friend’s account at any U.S.-based bank without a fee, using your friend’s email address or mobile phone number. Sending money is covered by our Online Banking Security Guarantee, which protects you from fraudulent transfers from your account.

Regular account transfers are fast, simple and secure

  • Make transfers between your Bank of America accounts
  • Schedule transfers for later
  • Review or cancel scheduled transfers

Transfers are easy and convenient and they come with the security and liability protection you expect from Bank of America on your Windows® 8 tablet.

Mobile transfers are available in our Mobile Banking App.Footnote 1 Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet

Mobile transfers are also available on our Mobile Website.

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Mobile Check Deposit


Bank on your schedule, not ours

You’ve been waiting for a check and now it’s in your hand. With just your Windows® 8 tablet camera and the Mobile Banking App, you can securely deposit a check without an ATM or banking center. Snap pictures of the check, choose your account, enter the amount and send.

Available at your convenience

After the deposit has been processed and posted to your account, you’ll see the check images displayed with the deposit transaction item in Mobile Banking and Online Banking. In Online Banking, just click on the images and you’ll be able to print copies for your records.Your check images are stored only at the bank, not on your device.

Secure and encrypted

Transmissions for mobile deposits are encrypted using the same secure technology found in Online Banking—with the convenience to choose where and when you make your deposits.

Mobile Check Deposit is available exclusively in our Mobile Banking App. Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet.

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Security is our first priority


Millions of customers rely on our proven privacy and security. Our fraud prevention and security systems protect you with the latest encryption technology.

As safe as Online Banking transactions

Our Online Banking Security Guarantee applies to all of your Bank of America mobile transactions.Footnote 2 on your Windows® 8 tablet.

Multiple layers of security

Our app for the Windows® 8 tablet requires you to sign in the same way you do with Online Banking, with SiteKey as an extra layer of security. We do not allow your Passcode or any account information to be stored on your device. As additional security, you can use SafePass.

Privacy protection

We safeguard your financial information as detailed in our Privacy Policy for Consumers and Online Privacy Notice.

Security is our priority no matter how you choose to bank with us.

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Pay bills on time, even when you’re away


No stamps, no envelopes, no worries. On a business trip or vacation, paying your bills on time is one thing you can cross off your list by using Bill Pay. Once you set up Pay To accounts in Online Banking, bills can be paid as one-time or recurring payments to those accounts. Your payments are now on time, wherever you are with your Windows® 8 tablet.

On-time flexible payments

Choose the amount and when to pay. You can pay a bill once or plan recurring payments, schedule it a few days from now or next month if you like. With Bank of America, your payments are paid to your designated Pay To accounts on dates you choose in Bill Pay and for the dollar amounts you specify.

eBills instead of paper

Get your bills online from any company participating in eBills (there are thousands). You can also use the same payees and eBills from your existing Online Banking setup. Your online payment history confirms who you paid, the date and the amount.

Mobile Bill Pay is available in our Mobile Banking App. Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet.

Mobile Bill Pay is also available on our Mobile Website.

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Whether you’re at work or enjoying a day off, you can rely on alerts to inform you of changes and updates to your account. When you set up Mobile App Alerts, you’ll receive the account information you care about as push notifications on your Windows® 8 tablet.

Peace of mind

Help prevent late fees and overdraft fees by knowing when your credit card payment is due or when your checking account balance drops below an amount you set. Best of all, you can take immediate action, like using the Make transfer link in the low balance alert.


You can also set alerts for irregular account activity or changes to your personal information.

Mobile App Alerts are available in our Mobile Banking App. Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet.

You can also set up Online Banking Alerts to get the same information sent as email and text messages.Footnote 3

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Easier than ever to earn cash back

When you’re out shopping or having dinner, check BankAmeriDeals™ on your Windows® 8 tablet and earn cash back without the hassle of clipping, printing or carrying coupons.

Simple to select and use

BankAmeriDealsTM retail and restaurant cash back deals can be selected on your Windows®8 tablet. The deals you select are added automatically to your eligible debit and credit cards.

Shop as you normally do

Pay for your purchases with your eligible Bank of America debit or credit cards. When you swipe your card, your cash back is automatically calculated and credited to your checking or credit card account on a monthly basis.

Mobile BankAmeriDealsTM are available exclusively in our Mobile Banking App. Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet.


Offers shown for illustrative purposes only. Participating merchants may vary.

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Locations for ATMs and banking centers


Traveling in a city you don’t know, for work or pleasure, is a lot less stressful when you know exactly where to find your bank, especially if you need something extra like a 24-hour or Talking ATM or a banking center open on Saturday.

Pinpoint your search for the following

  • ATMs
  • 24-hour ATMs
  • Talking ATMs
  • Drive-up ATMs
  • Banking center
  • Banking centers open on Saturday

Locations near you

Your Windows® 8 Tablet easily finds the nearest location without your address or ZIP code.

The Locations feature is available in our Mobile Banking App. Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet.

The Locations feature (without the capability to detect nearest location) is also available on our Mobile Website.

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Payments and transfers calendar


The fastest way to view, check and manage your outgoing payments and transfers each month from your Windows® 8 tablet.

Monthly calendar view

A quick glance shows you the eBills, outgoing payments and Scheduled Transfers you’re expecting for each month so you have even more control over your accounts.

Take immediate action

Make changes to any payments or transfers directly in the calendar. Select a date to pay a bill or schedule a transfer, change a date or cancel a payment.

Our calendar is available exclusively in our Mobile Banking App for Windows® 8 tablets. Get the app on your Windows® 8 tablet.

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