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Mobile Banking

Text Banking

Enroll online Sign in to Online Banking and go to:
Profile & Settings > Mobile Settings

Enroll by phone
call 1.800.604.9961

Once you receive our welcome text, you’re all set to start Text Banking.

Text any of these commands to MYBOFA (or 692632):

Print  text banking commands
Text us To find out
BAL Available balance for eligible deposit accounts
(current balance for credit card accounts)
BILL + account type + last 4 digits
Example: BILL CARD1234
Details of your credit card account
HIST + account type + last 4 digits
Example: HIST CHK1234
Recent checking account transactions
MENU List of text commands
ACCTS List of your eligible accounts
SRCH + account type + last 4 digits +
date, amount or keyword
Example: SRCH CHCK1234 03/24/14
Search transaction history
HELP Customer service number for your area

Good to know

Bank of America doesn't charge for Text Banking

There is no cost to enroll in Text Banking— Bank of America does not charge you for this convenience. (Check with your mobile carrier for any specific fees or charges that might apply for sending or receiving text messages.)

Lost or stolen mobile phone

Cancel Text Banking immediately by calling customer service at 1.800.604.9961. Or you can sign in to Online Banking and go to Help & Support > Mobile Banking > Set up/Manage Mobile Banking Settings. In the Text Banking section, choose Delete Device next to the mobile device that was lost or stolen.

If you find your mobile device later, you can re-enroll that same mobile number.

Getting multiple messages

You may receive more than 1 message if it’s longer than 160 characters (the limit for our text messages). For an extensive transaction history, the response may require multiple messages.

Receiving information for multiple accounts

For the commands BAL, SRCH or ACCTS, our reply will include information for your first 15 accounts. This may exceed the 160-character limit, so you may receive multiple messages. Specify the account by texting the command plus the account type and the last 4 digits of the account number. For example, to get the balance of a savings account, text BAL SAV4576.

Changing your mobile number or service provider

Sign in to Online Banking and go to Select Profile in Settings > Mobile Settings > Text Banking > Edit Number to change your mobile number or update your provider.

Ending your Text Banking service

Texting STOP, CANCEL or any similar command from your mobile device will not end your Text Banking service. You must call us at 1.800.604.9961 or sign in to Online Banking and select the Mobile settings link from the Profile & Settings navigation menu.

Have a question?

Text Banking customer support