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Mortgage Servicing Fees

Name of FeeFee DescriptionFee Range

Late charges

A late charge may be assessed if you do not meet your mortgage payment deadline and are unable to make your payment within the grace period.

Late charges are based on a contracted amount, loan type and state regulations. The amount charged will not be greater than what is permitted by the most restrictive of the contract documents, the loan type and applicable state legal restrictions. Please consult your loan documents for more information.

Release Fees

A Reconveyance/Release Fee is a fee for certain services involved in the preparation and execution of documents necessary to reconvey or release the security instrument.

If you pay off or refinance your loan, you may incur a fee of up to $100 for the preparation of the documents to release your lien (this is sometimes called a reconveyance fee).

Recording Fees

A Recording Fee may be charged to record the release of the lien.

The fee amount is based on the actual amount charged by the county recorder.